Movie Thoughts 5-20-2012

It used to make me sad that movie theaters are giving people two messages/warnings to turn off their cellphones.  I mean I thought one should be enough but I guess the theaters did not think so.  It does not make sad any more, I am not sure why not.  Maybe I’ve just adjusted.  (I average one movie a weekend, so I’ve seen the warnings a lot.)  In Japan, they jam cellphones or at least it has been said.  I am not sure if it is true but there is no way that would be accepted in America.

Apparently people did not go to Battleship in great numbers.  The studio spent a lot of money to make the movie and were hopping for a bigger opening weekend.    I am not surprised.  The movie did not seem all that compelling.  (It did not look terrible either.) Poor Taylor Kitsch, I think he has now lost his chance to be a movie star.  Well, he can return to TV or to more supporting roles.

Rhiana did not get a lot of bad reviews for her acting in Battleship.  Neither did Brooklyn Decker or if they did, I did not see those reviews.  Maybe the movie was so bad that no one really cared about her part in the film or maybe critics are not as tough on singers or models turned actors as they used to be.

I do not understand how movies cost so much to make and market.  I thought CGI was supposed to make movies quicker and cheaper to make.   Also why would a studo make a $200,000,000 movie that does not have a proven bankable lead actor?  (Liam Neeson is not the lead actor.) I guess the studio hopes the concept is more important than the star in that situation.

There are rumors of a Highlander remake.  I wonder if that will be good.  Ryan Reynolds is reported to be the choice for Connor McCloud of the Clan McCloud.  I’d like someone a bit less comedic.


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