Movie Thoughts 5-13-2012

I did not go to The Dark Shadows movie.  The reviews suggested that the movie was confused.  It tried to be both a comedy and a horror movie.  It ended up, most critics suggest, as not much.  Mixing comedy and horror can be tricky and for every film that mixes them well there are usually three or four that fail.  Maybe Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton teamed up one tme too often.  (This is their 8th film together.)  Or maybe the movie needed a better script.

Richard Roeper missed the point on the Black Widow or maybe I missed his point.  I think it is not the character herself that is hard to believe.  I think Scarlett Johansson’s past performances make it hard to believe her in the role, at least for Roeper.  Toper Grace was hard to believe as Venom in Spider-man 3.


Men in Black III might be good.  The previews are looking good.  Maybe in hindsight Men in Black II is better than I remember.  I hope Tommy Lee Jones is not completely replaced by Josh Brolin.

The Neighborhood Watch film is now just going to be called the Watch.  The makers of the film want to avoid any association with the case in Florida.  They have already cut down on advertising and released a second trailer.  I wonder if they considered postponing the movie for a few months but I guess the news cycle is unpredictable.


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