Comic book thoughts 5-12-2012

Earth 2 looks like it will be fun,  I like the new look for Jay Garrick.  I like the new costume design for Alan Scott.  I am already to see issue #2.  (I wish the book was published twice a month.  It would require another art team though.)

Justice League International is apparently heading for changes after the annual in August.  I hope the changes are good.  I like the book, I just bought the first trade paperback.  It is old fashioned in the best way.

I think Green Lantern needs a new direction soon.  I think Hal needs to get back to Earth based action for a time.  Maybe Sinestro needs his own mini-series.

Vibe, from the infamous JLA Detroit days, was seen in the free comic book day special from DC comics.  It was nice to see him again.  I wonder where he will make his first appearance.


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