Earth 2

The first issue of Earth 2 by writer James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott came out this week from DC comics.  It starts off five years in the past with the planet facing invasion from the forces of Apocalypse.   Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman apparently died while repelling the invasion.  (That is a shock for a first issue.)    Supergirl and Robin disappear (they reappear in Worlds’ Finest, also on sale this week).

Alan Scott, Al Pratt, I assume Jim Harper, and Jay Garrick are all seen in this issue and Jay gets visited by a dying god.  That is a nice cliffhanger.  What the future holds for those men  and others will be interesting to see.

The writing on the first issue is good.  It establishes the situation and builds interest.  The deaths of the big three are shocking.  The art is good.  I thought the big action scenes were handled very well.   I want to see her designs for the new bunch of heroes.


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