Star Trek the Next Generation novels

I used to read some Star Trek the Next Generation novels.  I liked Star Trek the Next Generation, I thought it become better after a rocky first two seasons.    It feels like a long time since I read the last one.   I consider Peter David’s Star Trek the New Frontier as a spin-off of Next Generation.  I do remember a few though.

Reunion by Michael Jan Friedman

In this novel, the crew of Picard’s old ship the Stargazer reunites on the Enterprise.  One of them is about to become the ruler of his home world.   Someone starts to murder the crew of the Stargazer.  I remember this one as pretty good and I remember getting a better sense of what kind of person Jack Crusher was.  (Jack the father of Wesley and husband of Beverly was refered to sometimes but he died years before Picard took command of the Enterprise.) I think I might want to get this as an e-book.

Q-Squared by Peter David

In this one Q returns and brings with the Squire of Gothos (from the classic Star Trek episode) who was revealed as a Q.   Things get confusing with alternate timelines (which is part of the fun) but the novel is really enjoyable.  I liked the meeting of the alternate Troi and her son with the mainstream Troi.  I think I might want to get this as audio download, it is read by John de Lancie (Q).

Imzadi and Imzadi II by Peter David

These two novels are about the relationship between Troi and Riker (the first novel) and Troi and Worf (the second one).  It has been too long since I’ve read them but I remember the first novel had flashbacks to Troi and Riker’s pre-Enterprise history and involves Riker going back in time to prevent Troi’s murder.

The Dark Mirror by Diane Duane

This is an update of the old Mirror Mirror episode from the classic series, which I really liked.  It is really enjoyable.  I liked that episode and it was nice to see the concept revisited with the Next Generation cast.  Maybe it is time to re-read this one.

I think I will take some time next month to re-read or re-listen to some classic or near classic Star Trek the Next Generation novels.


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