Movie Thoughts 4-22-2012

I did not go to a movie this weekend.   There just was not a movie that really interested me.  Next weekend, I might go to three movies and last weekend, I went to three movies.

The Raven opens this weekend.  I hope it is good.  The previews look good and John Cusack is almost always good.  I will look for the reviews.

The Five Year Engagement opens this weekend.  It looks like a “unromantic comedy” like the Breakup.  Maybe that is not the best comparison.  This one is about a couple whose marriage keeps getting postponed, hence the title.  Jason Siegel and Emily Blunt star as the couple and they look to have a nice chemistry from the preview.

Jason Statham’s movie Safe opens Friday.  The trailer made my friend laugh. (It does look a bit over the top.  Okay, perhaps it is way over the top.)  It should be his usual movie.  I’ve enjoyed most of his films the last few years.  I did not see either Crank movie and I did get a bit tired of the previews for Crank 2.

The Pirates claymation cartoon opens this weekend.  I am taking my nieces.  It looks like it will be fun.  I wonder if it will seem too British for them.  They did like Chicken Run (made by the same people as the Pirates).


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