DVD Thoughts 4-21-2012

The Second Series of Sherlock, the BBC series that updates Sherlock Holmes to the modern day, comes out on DVD/Bluray next month.  I plan to buy it.  The first series was pretty good and I hope the second series will be as good.  The idea of updating Sherlock Holmes to the modern day seems like it might not work but this series does.   (Updating Holmes to the modern day worked for Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.) The lead actors Bendict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman are good as Holmes and Watson.  The only complaint is that there are only three episodes a season or series.

Sherlock Holmes a game of Shadows comes out on DVD/Blu-ray in June.  Perhaps it will seem better on a second viewing.   It was not bad but I liked the first film in the series a lot.  Maybe I expected too much when I saw Game of Shadows in the theaters.

Returning to movies mentioned in the last DVD thoughts posting, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocal did hold up on Blu-ray and  Buck Privates  was good also.  Buck Privates is part of the Universal 100 series (to celebrate 100 years of Universal Studios).


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