Comic book thoughts 4-19-2012

The second issue of Avengers vs X-men is out.  It is pretty good.  John Romita’s art is good as always.   There are a lot of characters in this issue but I did not find it crowded or confusing.   I am not sure when Daredevil joined the Avengers.   (It must have happened recently.) I wish Quicksilver would change to his blue and white costume again, I like it better than his green and white costume.   Namor telling other people that their actions are rash and ill-considered is kind of fitting, his actions have often been rash and ill-considered.

Justice League #8 was interesting.  Green Arrow tries to join the team but the team is not interested.  Also the Martian Manhunter is mentioned and his tenure with the team is addressed.  That storyline might be addressed again soon, at least the last page of the story strongly hints that will happen.   The Shazam backup continues.  I wonder what the plans are for Shazam after the backup.


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