TV thoughts 4-15-2012

Young Justice is progressing nicely.  Rocket has joined the team; she is Icon’s sidekick.  (Icon made an appearance because he joined the Justice League on the show.  It is good exposure for both Icon and Rocket.)  That should be fun.  Red Arrow has made some more appearances, which makes me happy.  I wonder if that writer on Newsarama who complained about the treatment of the female characters on the show after the first six or eight episodes has watched it lately.  (I am just suggesting that she judged the show a bit too soon.)

The Ultimate Spider-man cartoon is more comedic than I expected.  It is not quite Batman the Brave and the Bold but it, Ultimate Spider-man, is very different than the last few Spider-man animated shows.  It might different than any previous Spider-man cartoon.

There is not any news of a new John Sandford made for TV movie.  I really liked Certain Prey.  I will be on the look out for possible news later.  I thought Mark Harmon made a pretty good Lucas Davenport.

There is supposed to be a new Jesse Stone TV movie next month.  That would be the eighth film in the series and I’ve enjoyed them all so far.   I hope it will not be the last.  Tom Selleck is really good as Jesse Stone.


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