Movie thoughts 4-15-2012

The Cabin in the Woods was good.   It was entertaining, if not really scary.  If you have seen the previews, you have the idea that the movie is not quite what it appears  to be at first glance.   It is not quite a spoof.

The Three Stooges was fun.  It was silly,  the way the old Stooges were silly.  Sofia Vergara seemed to be having a good time as the villainess.    Roger Ebert did say that the film was “wisely brief”.  I think I could have done without the Jersey Shore cameo.  I don’t think it added much to the film.

Lockout was a bit outlandish but I liked it.  Guy Pearce stars as Snow, a secret service agent convicted of a crime.  He is given one chance for redemption, rescue the president’s daughter from a prison that is orbiting the Earth.  (That must have cost a lot.  I guess the economy picks up in the future if  the country has the money to build off planet prisons.)  Roger Ebert did not care for this but Richard Roeper did.

Of the three movies I saw this weekend, Cabin in the Woods was probably the best.  The other two were enjoyable too, so it was a good weekend.  It was not a great movie weekened though.

How many more movies is Channing Tatum in this year?  Is it two or three?  He has already been in three movies this year including his part in Haywire.  Does he just love to work?


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