Marvel Season One

Marvel Comics has launched new line of orignal graphic novels called Season One.  These feature classic Marvel heroes in new stories set during the earliest days of their careers.  (Year One might have been too associated with the recent Batman Year One animated movie for Marvel to use that tittle.)

The first volume in the series is Fantastic Four Season One.   (That makes sense, Fantastic Four was the first Marvel Comic of the new Marvel in 1961.)  It is pretty good, maybe a bit less action packed than I expected.   The writer had written the characters before so that probably helped.  The graphic novel also features a preview of Jonathan Hickman’s first storyline for Fantastic Four.  (That was pretty interesting).

X-men Season One might be a little less successful.  Maybe I expected too much after Fantastic Four Season One.   It is still fairly good but maybe it tries to squeeze too many plot points into the story.  There was good review on comic book resources I think.  It features a preview of an X-men series.

Daredevil Season one is a bit better than X-Men season one, so the series is back on track.  It shows Daredevil in his first costume and explains why he switched to the all red costume.  I wish the book had shown Daredevil’s first meeting with Spider-man (Spider-man is mentioned a few times).  Maybe chapter breaks would have been nice.  The book includes a preview of Mark Waid’s first storyline Daredevil and that  looked good.

Future Titles in the series will include

  • Ant-Man
  • Spider-Man
  • Doctor Strange
  • Hulk

I think, so far, that all the Season One Titles have ben worth buying.


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