Book on CD Thoughts 4-10-2012

Game Change the book on CD is much better than Game Change the HBO movie.  The book on CD is deeper than the movie, which is mostly about Sarah Palin.  I think the characters about the Democractic nomination fight are pretty interesting and I think the chapters on John McCain’s campaign are also interesting.

I picked up the first Virgil Flowers novel by John Sandford, Dark of the Moon.  I plan to listen to it soon (maybe even this weekend).  Eric Conger reads the book.  He is pretty good for this series (the way that Richard Ferrone is good for the Prey series).  I like Virgil as a character.  (Stolen Prey, the latest Prey novel, comes out in May.)

Robert B Parker’s estate has authorized Ace Atkins to write Spenser novels.  I wonder how that will work out.    The first Spenser novel by Atkins will be out in May and it will be called Lullby. Joe Mantegna will read the book on CD and he usually does a good job.   I will probably buy it.


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