Comic Book Thoughts 4-6-2012

Issue #63 of Supreme is out.  This is Alan Moore’s last script from his revival of Supreme from the late 1999s.  (It is only 14 or 15 years late.) Supreme is Rob Liefeld’s counterpart to Superman.  In this one, Darius Dax returns to Daxia to tell his counterparts that there must exist a Supremia with all the old Supremes who were revised out of continuity. It is fun and it leads into Erik Larson taking over as writer and artist.

I am still enjoying Justice League International and Justice League.  Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps are still enjoyable also.   I still like Teen Titans but I am a little worried.  I think that book could be heading in the wrong direction.  I can’t say why exactly yet.  Overall, I am happy with the DC Comics I am buying.

Avengers vs X-Men is out.  It looks like it will be interesting.  The X-men look, for the moment, to be really out numbered.  I’d say Cyclops is acting out of character but maybe the last few years of X-Men comics have made him bitter.

Fanboys vs Zombies sounded like fun but so far the idea is better than the reality.  It is just a first issue.  Maybe it will get better.


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