Comic book thoughts late March

Captain Marvel, the original one, is getting re-branded as Shazam.  (Because of the copyright or trademark issues, Marvel Comics can publish a book called Captain Marvel but DC cannot. ) He is getting a back up series in Justice League, I think it will be seven parts.  After that, I am not sure where or when he will turn up again.    It looks like the origin will be fairly close to the classic one, so that is a plus.

It has been said that Captain Marvel doesn’t fit into today’s comics.  That some of the humorous qualties in his stories just don’t work for today’s audience.   I wish I could remember who said this stuff.  I don’t know if that is true.  He fits into Justice League cartoons (and Young Justice).

Red Star and Wally West remain missing post Flashpoint.  Oh well, DC was barely using Red Star pre-Flashpoint.  Maybe he can turn up in Justice League International as the replacement for Rocket Red.   (Is there a reason that Rocket Reds tend to die?   You’d think that armor would protect them better.  Is it easier for a writer to kill a Rocket Red because there are a whole bunch of them?) Wally remains missing and apparently there will not be an Earth 2 version of him either.   I don’t think it is fair that  a version of Bart is running around but not a version of Wally.

I like Newsrarama but sometimes I think they are a bit too negative.  I don’t like them forecasting which of the new 52 titles might fail.  I see the news value in it though.  Overall I like the site a great deal.


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