Book Thoughts late March

Heat Lightning is another Virgil Flowers novel by John Sandford.  It is read on CD by Eric Conger.  Conger is a good choice as reader for the series, I think Richard Ferrone might be a better reader for the Prey series.  In this one Virgil is investigating the murders of men whose dead bodies were left at veterans’ memorials.    It is good (I can’t remember the last book by Sanford that was not good).  Virgil is an interesting character.  I think there are three other books in this series so far.

Hank Haney, the golf coach, has a book out about Tiger Woods and their six years working together.  Maybe this explains why Tiger is rumored to be a bit cold/suspicious of people.  (If I had people looking to cash in their association with me, I might be cold or suspicious.)  It sounds like a very gossipy book.  I guess it will sell.  I am not sure why Haney did it though.  He is a big enough name in the golf world that people would read a book about his career or his theory of golf.

I am listening to Ted Bell’s Phantom, his latest Alex Hawk novel.  John Shea is reading it and so far I am enjoying it.  The novel opens at Disney World, and in a thriller that predicts tragedy.  This is the sixth book in the series and I have listened to a few others.  Bell is usually good.


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