John Carter and other movie thoughts

John Carter was good.  I think Taylor Kitsch was good as John Carter and Mark Strong (if you don’t recognize his face, you might recognize his voice) offers good support as a mysterious villain.   Lynn Collins is the alien princess and she has a nice chemistry with Kitsch.

This is the story of a Civil War veteran who is transported to Mars and gets involved in another civil war.  If the movie is not great, it is pretty fun and I’d like to see a sequel.  For a movie that is over 2 hours long, I thought the pacing was good.  If the people of Mars have death rays, the question is why do they still fight with swords?

There has been a lot of talk about the cost of the movie.  I don’t find such talk all that interesting.  I hope the movie does well and I hope there are sequels.  If there are not sequels, it will not lessen my enjoyment of the movie.

I did not see Eddie Murphy’s new film, a Thousand Words.  I did not feel interested.  Reviews are not good.

The Hunger Games trailer looks better each time I see it.  I think the movie will be good.  I might pick up one of the books before the movie opens.


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