DVD/Bluray thoughts 3-4-2012

The Perfect Weapon is out on Bluray and it is better than I remembered.  It stars Jeff Speakman and the martial arts sequences are incredible. (He practices the Kenpo style of karate and the movie was dedicated to Ed Parker, the father of American Kenpo.) It is disappointing that Speakman did not make more movies ( I think he made only 2 more movies and one went direct to dvd or cable) .  He had a good screen presence.  The plot is basically an excuse to move from one fight to another but that is not a bad thing.  The disc is much extra free.

Justice League Doom is good.  It is not perfect but it is pretty fun.  Batman’s secret plans to deal with the Justice League if they ever went rogue are stolen.  (You’d think that he’d have a more secure computer.) The plans are then altered and made deadly.  Once the team is rescued, it is time to stop Vandal Savage’s main plot.  This is based on a comic book story arc written by Mark Waid. The extras are good, as always.


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