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Movie Thoughts 2-23-2012

I did not go to a movie last weekend.  I just did not feel like seeing any movie currently playing.  This Means War looked decent at best but not compelling.  It is one of those that I think if I waited for it to pop up on cable, I would not have missed anything.  I know Chris Pine wants to have a career outside of Star Trek but maybe he needs help selecting projects.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence does not look like it would be better than the original (which I must admit, I have not felt the need to see again in the past two years).   What’s the point of a sequel if it is not going to be better than the original or at least expand on the original?  I just get a vibe that there is not much to this film.

The more I see of the John Carter ads, the more I am lookng forward to the movie.  I think it could be pretty good.


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