TV/radio Thoughts 2-19-2012

Season 2 of Young Justice starts on March 3.  I am looking forward to it.  I think it should be good, hopefully there will be more appearances of Red Arrow.  (I like Red Arrow, at least this verison of him.  Don’t get me started on the verison of him currently in the comics.)

Green Lantern the Animated Series also starts on March 3 as part of the DC Nation Block.  The first episode was good.  I expect the series to be fun.  I wonder how it will balance outer space based action and Earth based action.    Hopefully there will be some news about the series soon.

There is no news on Avengers Earth’s Mightest Heroes.  Hopefully there will be news soon.  There were rumors that the 2nd seaosn would not feature a long range story arc.    I hope that is not true.  I liked the long range story arc.

ESPN had a pre game show for the superbowl and they gave Adam Sandler what seemed like 8 mintues to plug his next movie.  (The Jets’ coach has a small cameo in it, so that explains the sports connection.) I think if they have that much time for Sandler to plug his movie, then their pregame show is too long.

I still don’t get the continued success of Dan Patrick’s radio show.   He is not as funny as he thinks he is (or not funny as often as he thinks he is), and at times I think he needs more guests and less of his cohorts/supporting cast.

I wonder how Conan O’Brien is doing on TBS.  I heard at one point last year that his ratings fell off sharply after the first month or so.  TBS canceled George Lopez after 2 years, I guess they could cancel O’Brien after 2 years.


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