Movie Thoughts 2-10-2012

Safe House was good.  Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington star.  Washington’s character is named Tobin Frost, which is a fairly good name for a movie villain, and he is a famous/infamous traior.  Reynolds’ character is named Matt Westin and he is a novice CIA agent.  Westin tries to bring Frost in after the safe house is compromised and Frost escapes. The action takes place in South Africa.   (I am not sure why it is in South Africa exactly.)  Richard Roeper says the movie is good but not subtle.

Journey 2 the Mysterious Island was a lot of fun.  In this one a teenager and his stepdad travel to a mysterious island to find the boy’s grandfather.  This is a sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth. It is fun, it looks good (those giant bees look amazing for example), and it is nice to see Michael Caine.   I did not pay the extra for 3D. (I am anti-3D and I don’t feel like I missed much by seeing the movie in 2D.)  Dwayne Johnson, the former Rock I guess, is the stepdad.


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