Movie Thoughts 1-31-2012

I think One for the Money either was not previewed for critics or it was really bad.  It is running at zero at Rotten Tomatoes. Oh well, perhaps either  way is a sign that I should not see it.

The Descendants was good.   It is the story of  a man (George Clooney) dealing with the death of his wife and also having to sell his family’s property in Hawaii.  It finally came to the “non-select” city where I live. George Clooney was good (isn’t he always lately) and it was nice to see Robert Forrester in a supporting role.  I guess it is more of a drama than a comedy.  Or maybe it is a light drama.

The Woman in Black opens Friday.  The adds look good.  I wonder if people will go. It is the first movie from Daniel Radcliffe after Harry Potter.


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