Movie Thoughts 1-23-2012

Red Tails was pretty good.  I enjoyed it.  The cast was good (one critic suggested this movie would have been better 10 years ago so that Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr could have played pilots) and the action sequences were pretty good too. It was nice to see Gerald McRaney as a general. (I guess that experience in the A-Team payed off.) I am not sure how accuarate the movie was (I don’t know about that 1925 army war college study for example) and I do wish it shown some of the pilot training.  The HBO movie from 1995, the Tuskagee Airman, is better though and maybe because of this new movie people will seek that one out.

I really did not feel up to another movie last weekend.  Maybe I will go to another movie on Thursday this week before the new movies open.

There were no really good previews.  Even as much as a Marvel fan as I am, I am not really excited about the Ghost Rider sequel.


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