Ten Really Good Books on CD 2011

I listen to a fair amount of books on CD.  I enjoy them, and sometimes more than the printed book.  I have always liked the readings that Joe Mantegna has done for the Spenser books over the years.

here is the list (still not sure of the proper order)

  • Mystery by Jonathan Kellerman, read by John Rubinstein
  • the Sentry by Robert Crais, read by Luke Daniels
  • The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly, read by Peter Giles
  • Damages by John Lesocrat, read by David Colacci
  • the Greater Journey by David McCullough, read by Edward Herman
  • the Detachment, written and read by Barry Eisler
  • Sixkill by Robert B. Parker, read by Joe Mantegna
  • Full Black by Brad Thor, read by Armand Schultz
  • Cold Vengeance by Douglas Preston and Lee Child, read by Rene Aberjunois
  • Vigilante by Steven J. Cannel, read by Scott Brick
  • Live Wire by Harlan Coben, read by Stephen Weber

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