Movie Thoughts 12-23-2011

Cinemark is now showing two messages before films asking people to turn off their cellphones.  (I don’t know if any other movie theater chains have started to do that.) That seems a bit sad.  I guess the theaters feel that they have to give 2 messages now.

It was a good year for movies overall.  I only walked out on one movie, Hall Pass.   In hindsight, it was bad but I probably should known better than to buy a ticket for it. (I had a bad feeling about it but I ignored the feeling and gave the movie a chance.) I did not see as many movies I as I did in 2010 but I enjoyed every movie except one this year.

3D is not going away yet.  I really thought it was starting to go away but Titanic is coming out in 3D and the Star Wars movies will come out in 3D also.  I wonder if a lot of people will go to Titanic or Star Wars in 3D.   I feel that 3D has been overdone and often not done well (the Green Hornet for example).



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