Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

This is the fourth Mission Impossible movie and Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt.  The director is Brad Bird, this might be his first live action movie (he directed the Incredibles).   I don’t really remember Mission Impossible 3, so I can’t say if this film is a lot better than it.

This time Hunt and a small team have to avert nuclear war.  They have been framed for an attack on the Kremlin and thus termed renegades.  A lot of their special tools and equipment is denied them.  (They still have some, this is not the James Bond revamp where the fantastic gadgets are completely absent.)

Along with Hunt is a female agent, whose loved one was murdered recently, a computer expert, and an analyst who might be more than he seems.   (Okay, he is more than he seems.)   Simon Peg, Paula Patton, and Jeremy Renner are all good in their roles.

The stunts are good, the fights are good and the pacing is good.  There are some moments of comic relief but not too many.  (Too much comic relief grates on me.)

I think this is one of the best action films of the year.


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