DVD thoughts 12-18-2011

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame is the latest movie I have with Andy Lau on DVD (I bought Shaolin a while back).  The setting is ancient China and Lau plays Detective Dee.  He is brought out of prison to solve seemingly supernatural murders.  Lau has a good screen presence and the movie is pretty good.  It starts a bit slowly though.  I will probably be loaning this out to friends at work soon and I think they will enjoy it.

There is another Ip Man movie out, the Legend is Born; Ip Man, on DVD but it doesn’t star Donnie Yen.  I really liked him in the two IP Man films.  I am not sure if I will buy this third Ip Man movie.   Maybe two Ip Man films are enough.  (Oh well, if the reviews are good, perhaps I will get it.)

In January, Jackie Chan’s movie 1911 comes out on DVD.  I haven’t heard much about it but his last film, Little Big Soldier was pretty good.  This one will be set in 1911 China.  I will investigate more.

More DVD thoughts later and maybe they will be even thoughts on American movies or tv shows.


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