Movie Thoughts 12-17-2011

Richard Roeper has his ten worst films of 2011 list on his website (two are Adam Sandler movies).  If Roeper is not my favorite film critic, he is one of the top five.  I feel good that I have not seen nine of the ten films.  (I did go to the Green Hornet.)   I am surprised that the Sitter is his choice as worst film because I know he really disliked the Hangover sequel (he said it was a bad sign when even the characters in the movie keep saying “I can’t believe this happening again”).

Roeper did say that the Sitter was one of the most depressing movie screenings he has been to in about 10 years.  That is pretty harsh.  The more I see the ads for the Sitter, I am starting to think it might be really be as bad as the critics say.

I am a little surprised that the movie Your Highness did not make the list.  That looked pretty darn bad or even downright dreadful.   If it is not the worst movie of Natalie Portman’s career, then I don’t want to know what film is.

scale of movie badness (still a work in progress)

  • bad: the movie just did not work
  • pretty bad: even worse than bad
  • really bad: still even worse than pretty bad
  • downright dreadful: so bad that it is almost hard to explain how bad it is or why the filmmakers thought it could be good

I am not sure if both “pretty bad” and “really bad” are needed.  Maybe just one of them would do.  I guess I could have gone with just “dreadful” but “downright dreadful” is more dramatic.



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