I miss Wally West (the Flash)

I miss Wally West.  He was Kid Flash and then after Barry Allen’s death during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally became the Flash.  Under the writing of Mark Waid and Geoff Johns, I think Wally became more interesting.  (I don’t remember the first few writers on Wally’s solo series that well.)

Then Barry Allen came back a few years ago and Wally West was sidelined.  The less said about Bart Allen’s brief time as the Flash the better.   Okay, maybe that last sentence is a bit harsh.  I think the writer who took over Bart’s series could have turned it around given more of a chance and more time.

Now in the post Flashpoint reality, there doesn’t seem to be a Wally West. There is a Bart, which seems unfair.  Also it seems a bit odd that there are post Flashpoint versions of Jason Todd and Tim Drake.

Six  really good storylines with Wally West as the Flash (or Kid Flash)

  • The Return of Barry Allen (Waid)
  • Wonderland (Johns)
  • Terminal Velocity (Waid)
  • Ignition  (Johns)
  • Born to Run  (Waid, this is more about Wally’s time as Kid Flash)
  • Rogue War (Johns)

Somehow, I hope Wally West makes an appearance soon.  Oh well, a version of Wally West appears on tv in the current Young Justice cartoon.  (In some ways, he seems to be a combination of Wally and Bart).


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