The Detachment

The Detachment is the latest thriller from Barry Eisler.  In this one, he brings his series hero John Rain (and his sniper sidekick Dox) into contact with his other characters.

Rain is an American-Japanese assassin who specializes in hidden kills (deaths that look like natural events).    He narrates most of the action.  His sidekick Dox comes off like a good old boy but is more cunning and clever than appearances indicate.  The other two characters are Larison and Ben Treven (star of the novels Fault Line and Inside Out, which featured Larison).

I have this book on cd and it is read by the author, Barry Eisler.  He gives a good reading, the characters are well-defined (he does a good voice for each of the main characters).  You don’t need to have read any of the previous books to appreciate this one.

This was good and worth reading/listening to and I wait for Barry Eisler’s next book.  I might  have to track down some of his earlier books.


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