DVD/Blu-ray thoughts

I did not buy the People v.s. George Lucas.  I was not sure if I’d enjoy it enough to watch it more than once. Maybe a friend will buy it and loan it to me.  (Yeah, right.  I am probably the most likely person that I know who would buy it.)

I bought the Art of Getting By.  I enjoyed it.  Freddie Highmore was pretty good and so was Ema Roberts.  It is a low-key movie.  Critics on average did not like it (see the link above).  This British review is more kind.

I can’t find a copy of Horror Express.  (This is a classic film from the 1970s with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.)   It is supposed to be out on Blu-ray but I have not seen it anywhere.  I might order it, I have not seen it in years.   The DVDVerdict review suggests that it is as good as I remember.


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