Whitechapel is a British tv series about cops in the East End of London hunting a serial killer who’s copycating Jack the Ripper.   The year is 2008, the hundredth and tenth anniversary of the murders.  The DVD of the first series came out this month.

A new Detective Inspector comes on duty in Whitechapel when the first murder occurs. He is seen as inexperienced by the veteran team of policemen who he is now commanding.  He is also seen as someon who wants to move further up the ranks as quickly as possible.

A murder occurs and at first the police do not link it to Jack the Ripper until a colorful Riperlogist shows them the similarities between the murders in 1888 and now.  The veteran detective Sargent has apparently dealt with Riperlogists before (he says something like “any murder that happens anywhere near Whitechapel brings out the Riperlogists”).  The veteran detective sargent looks for a suspect with a connection to the victim and finds a good one. However after that suspect is proven not to have committed the crime, the detective inspector starts to consider the possibility that theRiperlogist might have a point.

It is an interesting series.  The acting is good, from a cast of British actors largely unknown to me.  (A few of the actors did look familiar but there were none that I could name.)  According to Wikipedia there is another series and plans for a third.


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