The Marvel Art of John Romita Jr

The Marvel Art of John Romita Jr came out this week.  It is really good.  John has been one of the top artists working for Marvel comics for over 30 years and this book traces his career.  (John has done very little work for other companies over the years, I’d estimate that 90-95% of his art has been done for Marvel comics.)

The book features art from John (of course) and comments from writers and artists. I liked the comments from Bryan Hitch.   The book starts with an interview with John Romita Sr.

I had almost forgotten that John had worked on X-men.  He is so associated with Spider-man. I remember that storyline with Kulan Garth (the sorcerer), so the book brought back at least one nice memory.  (That was a classic story where Kulan Garth turned Manhattan into a middle ages styled world.)

John also worked on Iron Man and Daredevil.  I almost forgot about those comics.

The book even covers Starbrand.  That was part of the New Universe (it was supposed to be a even more realistic line of comic books), which only lasted three years.   John left X-Men to draw Starbrand (it was not his choice but he still did a very good job).

Looking at the section on John’s time as artist on Thor was fun.  I remembered being surprised when he was announced as the artist to launch Thor’s new series.  (That was a while back.)   It seemed an odd choice but it worked.

The majority of the book covers John’s work on Spider-man.  There is probably no artist so associated with Spider-man except for possibly his father or Steve Ditko.   John drew the classic storyline introducing the Hobgoblin in the 80s for example.  He also drew the 911 issue.

John was not interviewed for the book. That seems strange.  Maybe John does not like to talk about his work.


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