TV Thoughts 11-10-2011

Certain Prey was good.  Mark Harmon did a good job as Lucas Davenport and Harmon slipped off his NCIS character. I mean that I enjoyed the TV movie and did not really think about his tv series while watching it.   The pacing was good, there were not too many comerical breaks.   The naration was a nice touch.

I look forward to the next Lucas Davenport made for tv movie.  I hope that there will be one.   I’d like to see two of these a year.

Richard North Patterson’s novel Silent Witness will be a TNT cable movie at the end of the month.  I liked that novel, I might still have the book on CD.    I am looking forward to the made for cable movie.

I am not watcing any of the new sitcoms.  Maybe I am just sitcommed out at the moment.



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