TV thoughts 11-06-2011

John Sandford’s novel Certain Prey is on tonight as a USA network movie with Mark Harmon as Lucas Davenport.  I wonder how it will do in the rattings and if there will be more tv movies from Sandford’s books.  I hope so, I think Mark Harmon will do a good job.

Some quick tv thoughts

  • Even Bill Maher is taking shots at Tim Tebow.  That was unexpected.
  • I wonder if the Silent Witness movie based on the novel by Richard North Patterson will be good
  • Soap Operas seem to be dying.  I am not sure if that says anything significant about our culture or not.
  • It was nice to see Bill Engvall on HBO’s Realtime
  • It seems to be a down year for HBO comedy specials (I don’t remember them having one in at least eight months)

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