Movie thoughts 9-10-2011

I am not much for movies about diseases.  I did not like Outbreak that much and I don’t really feel interested in Contagion, the new movie that opened this week.  I hear the reviews are good but I am not interested.  Maybe if nothing more interesting opens next weekend I will change my mind.

I have not seen any more news about a fourth Austin Powers movie.  Maybe the deal fell through.  Oh well, even if it happens I am mostly likely not going anyway.  I guess that Myers and the studio were even talking about it shows hard to can be to give up on a franchise.   (Even though I really thought that last movie in that franchise was one too many.)  Also apparently Myers’ last film the Love Guru bombed and I guess the studio feels more comfortable with a franchise than a orginal  project from Myers.

Moneyball comes out on the 23rd and I think it will be pretty good.  The book is probably better but that is okay, most books are better than the movies based on them.  Or at least the movie has to leave a lot out. The movie Public Enemies was good but it left out a lot of the book.  Both the book and the movie are still good though.


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