Feeling a bit out of touch

Sometimes I just feel a bit out of touch with the popular culture.   At the grocery store, I see five or six weekly magazines about what celebrity is dating another celebrity.  I don’t get that.   I could understand two or three but five?   Also on some of those magazines, I don’t know who a lotof these celebrities are.

I don’t get this reality tv thing.  For one thing, it is not real.  Well, maybe it is just me but I think the mere fact that you know the camera is on you changes you and the way you act.  Even if it is subsconcious, knowing that you are on camera changes you.  Then the reality is edited down.

On the radio, Dan Patrick has a sports talk show when he’s not busy talking about his life and his connections to Adam Sander or some SI swimsuit model . (Good for you Dan, you get small parts in Adam Sandler movies.  Now call Chris Landry or Jason Stark and ask them questions.) This is the wildest week of  NFL free agency ever it seems but Patrick is wasting time.  I turn off the show but later I think, he is on 400 stations across the country, he must get good ratings.  Why?

I don’t get not owning books.  I’ve seen ereaders but I still like a real book.  People tell me that ereaders can be very convenient.   Maybe I’d worry about the ereader breaking and then I’d lose eveything on it.   Maybe in a few years if there are fewer actual books  (and books on CD) available, I will be forced to adjust.


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