Zombieland revisited

I was surprised how good Zombieland was.  A friend at work saw it before me and said that I should go see it.  He said it was more of a comedy than a horror film.  (I don’t really watch horror movies anymore.  The last horror movie I saw in theaters before Zombieland was the Halloween remake.)

Zombieland is a good horror comedy or comedy with horrific overtones.   It can be hard to combine the two genres.  The world has been overrun by zombies and the four main characters are trying to get to California.  Woody Harrelson and Jessie Eisenberg make a good comic odd couple.  Later in the movie Esienberg and Ema Stone have some nice scenes together.

The movie does hold up on repeated viewings, I have seen it three times now. (I have it on Blu-ray.  It is a good thing that I bought it, it went to Showtime not HBO.)   For most of the movie the zombies really are not scary but the flashback in Eisenberg’s apartment is kind of creepy.  There is a little irony when Eisenberg’s characters says that one of the best things about Zombieland is the lack of Facebook updates.   (He later played the creator of Facebook in the Social Network. )

I guess in a way it is almost good that the movie was not a huge hit. Wikipedia says that the writers, director, and producer are working on ideas for a sequel and maybe more than one.  I think it might be best not to make sequels.


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