May Movie thoughts

Thor was good.  The actors were good and Chris Hemsworth was the right choice for Thor.  I think it was a good idea to get someone who is fairly unknown in America for the part of Thor. (If the producers of the movie had chosen the wrong actor for Thor, the movie would have been terrible.)  I don’t think I had seen the actor who played Loki in anything before, so I was not sure about him.  I thought Natalie Portman was fine as Jane Foster.

There was a little comic relief in Thor but not too much.  After the second Transformers movie, I am a little wary of too much comic relief.   (I needed some action relief from all the comic relief in that film.)

I did not go to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  I am just not a fan of the series.  Also some of the reviews were not encouraging.

As for future movies, I am looking forward to Conan.  It looks like it will be fairly good.  I am not going to the third Transformers movie or Adam Sandler’s next film (I think it comes out in August).  I am not going to the Hangover Part 2.

I did not go to Something Borrowed (the new romantic comedy).   Some of the reviews did not look good, I figured I could wait for that one to pop up on cable.   Maybe it is a down year for romantic comedies.

I am still not sure about the X-Men first class film.  I am at least 90% sure I will go to see it but I thought I saw rumors that the filming did not go well.   There might have been mention of late re-shoots.    Oh well, I guess I will go.  The preview looks decent.


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