Scream 4 and more April movie thoughts

Scream 4 is a movie that perhaps was one film too many in the franchise.   It was not terrible, the opening was kind of clever,  and I did watch the entire film.  (So far, I have not walked out of a film in 2011.)  I really thought the franchise had been put to bed after Scream III but I guess some of Craven’s post Scream III  movies did not make it big.   His last movie, My Soul to Keep, bombed.  Hopefully Neve Campbell and Emma Roberts can find more interesting projects in the future.

I am 94% sure that I am not going to the new Transformers movie.  I did not like the 2nd one, so it seems a safe choice not to go to the new movie.   The preview does look fairly good though.

The Conspirator was good.  I had seen a review saying that it was heavy handed but I did not feel like it was. I like a good historical film.


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