Book Thoughts April

Brad Parks is back with his second novel, Eyes of the Innocent.  It is another novel featuring reporter Carter Ross and is it is also set in Newark, New Jersey.  This time Carter is investigating the disappearance of a city councilman and he also has to deal with a female intern.  It is a fun book and as good as his first book Faces of the Gone.  It is an interesting look at what working at a newspaper might be like and Carter is a likable hero.  There are some jokes but I don’t think too many.

Paul S. Kemp’s the Old Republic: Deceived was really good.  I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  I have it on cd and it is read by a man named Marc Thompson and he did a good job.  It also features some music and sound effects.  It is based off of a computer game. (I suspect it might be a good computer game.)

Peter Giles reads Michael Connelly’s new book the Fifth Witness on CD and he’s good.  This is another novel with Mickey Haller, the Lincoln Lawyer.  This time he is defending a woman accused of killing a banker involved in foreclosing on her house. (That seems a bit ripped from the headlines for Connelly but it does make an interesting background.)   Giles is really good and so is the novel. (I was a little worried because it seemed a bit soon since Connelly’s last novel.)


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