4 Upcoming movies

The Lincoln Lawyer is based on a book by Michael Connelly that I have not read.  So if I go to the movie, I will be able to approach it with fresh eyes.  I am thinking of going, the previews look good.   It is about a lawyer who works out of his Lincoln town car (which explains the title) and his big case defending a man accused of assaulting a woman.   The more times I see the preview, the more I want to see the movie.

Cowboys and Aliens looks like it might be fun.  I think Robert Downey Jr was supposed to star in it but maybe Daniel Craig will be a better choice.   (There was a rumor that Downey and the director had a falling out after Iron Man 2.)   I like Downey but Daniel Craig is good so it should work.  This will be a movie that will either really work or really fail, I think there will not be a middle ground.  Harrison Ford is in it too and apparently he has not a hit outside of the Indiana Jones series in a few years.  (I am not saying that he hasn’t made good movies in the last few years.  I enjoyed Morning Glory)

Thor looks like it will be fun but there seems to be no Donald Blake.  For those who don’t know, in the original comics Donald Blake was Thor’s secret idenity.  Donald was a doctor with a bad leg and Odin, Thor’s father, had created the Donald Blake identity to teach his son humility.  I am not sure why Donald Blake  is not in the movie.   A friend thinks that this movie won’t be good.  I think the preview looks good.

X-men First Class comes out in June and well, I am not sure about it.  I heard that the movie was out of control or the director had been ordered to reshoot a lot at the last minute.   That was a while ago, so maybe things got worked out.  It comes out in June,  so maybe there will be another preview and I can get a better sense of the film.


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