Tv Thoughts 1-1-2011

The Young Justice Cartoon starts next Friday.  I hope it will be good.  The debut episode was supposed to be really good but I was at work.  I think Peter David (he wrote the comic book series) will write some episodes. 

 Alan Colms seems to be popping up on tv more the last few weeks.  He seems more assertive too.  Good for him.

I bought the second season of Castle on DVD.  (So far reruns are not on a cable channel, of course that I bought it that will probably change.)  I am enjoying it.  I think the show got better in the second season.  

The Cape starts next week.  It looks good but those promos are short.  I will watch the first episode and see how it goes.

Tuesday night football last week was a bit odd.  I think Collinsworth and Michaels did a good job this season.


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