Comic Book Thoughts 10-17-2010

Nomad Girl Without a World trade paperback is out.  This is the story of Rikki Barnes who comes to the mainstream Marvel universe and tries to make a life for herself.  (Rikki is from the Heroes Reborn universe.) It is written by Sean McKeever and drawn by David Baldeon.  It is worth picking up.   She had her own back up series in Captain America, which was fun. (I think her backup series is over for now.)  As a sentimentalist, it is nice to see someone carrying on Jack Monroe’s name.  It might be time to pick the new Young Allies series that also features Nomad.

Kurt Busiek’s Astro City the Dark Age book 2 comes out Wenesday.  It should be good, it is set during the 1970s and as always features the art of Brent Anderson.  I wonder if this is the last of Atro City for a while.  Busiek still hasn’t written the story of the Gentleman yet.

Explaining Astro City to new comers is difficult but I guess the best thing to say is Astro City is Kurt Busiek’s private playground.  He writes it and creates all the characters.  Several of the characters are similar to more familar heroes but that is not a bad thing.  I say it is almost like Busiek wants to restore a sense of wonder to super hero comics.


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