Television thoughts 9-26-2010

There is too much college football on tv.  I don’t watch college football anymore partially because I work longer weekends.  Also I think I burned out a little.  Games start at 11am and continue to almost midnight, it got to be too much. 

The new Hawaii Five-O , which was fairly good, is opposite Castle.  It is so rare when I have to chose between two shows.  I will probably stick with Castle.

I don’t watch a lot of series tv anymore.  I burned out on CSI and its spinoffs.  I don’t like House, I don’t know why and Glee is that big a deal for me.  I watch the Fox cartoons on Sunday nights sometimes but not when they conflict with Sunday Night Football.

I made the mistake of flipping through the cable news channels a while back and noticed that one news show spent nearly 45 minutes talking about Paris Hilton’s arest.  (I am not going to mention the show’s name or what network it was on.) It  made me sad that people who produced the show thought we were really that interested.  Of course, maybe the producers of the show were right.


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