Movies I don’t get

“Movies I don’t get” is not the same as “movies I  don’t want to see”.  I haven’t seen any of the Step Up movies but at least I have an idea why other people want to see the movies. (Attractive people dancing, I see the appeal of that.)  I am not a Harry Potter guy but I do understand the appeal of the series.  I think I even understand the appeal of the Twilight movies. Movies I don’t get are  movies that either I don’t understand why they were made or why they’re still being made.

I am not sure why another Predator movie was made.  I think that monster has exhausted all its potential.  I just don’t see the point to another movie about Predators. (A friend liked the recent movie so I guess I could be wrong.)

I don’t see the point in the Saw movies.  I guess they make a lot of money (which I guess is the point) but artistically what’s the point?  I’ve seen parts of one on cable and well, I don’t think it is much of a movie.  It seems like an excuse to be violent as possible.  Even Stephen King said that after Saw II, the franchise is weak.

I was stunned when the last Fast and Furious movie did so well at the box office.  Hasn’t that series shown all its tricks?  I guess I am not a huge Vin Deisel fan, so maybe I am biased against the franchise, even though 2 movies in the series didn’t feature him.

Terminator Salvation in hindsight seems to have lacked a point.  Either that or it was just sort of bland.  (I can’t decide.  This is another thing keeping my amatuer status as a film critic going.  A professional would know if Termaniator Salvation was pointless or just bland.) I think vampires and terminators are better when there are fewer of them. Perhaps in hindsight, it would have better if they had not made the movie.


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