July 3 another no movie weekend

I go to a movie almost every weekend but I am not going this weekend. I have seen all the movies out that I want to see at the moment. The new movies opening this weekend don’t appeal to me.

The Last Air Bender is getting really bad reviews.  I think Roger Ebert said the movie looks dull and drab.  He was not impressed and said that it was a mistake to make this into a live action movie.  That was pretty harsh.   I just didn’t feel a need to see that movie.  I had thought about going to see it but that review and few others dissauded me.  I have seen a few episodes of the cartoon the movie is based on and it is a fairly enjoyable cartoon.  It might have been nice to see the movie but  enough critics thinking the movie is not good convinced me not to go.

The new Twilight fan is out.  I have no interest in seeing it.  (Going to a third movie in a series without seeing the other two might be confusing.)  Some reviews suggest the movie is better the first two in the series.  I guess that is better than the movies getting worse.

Well, I will be back at the movie theater next weekend.  Dispicible Me is coming out.


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