John McDermott DVD

A while back, I watched some of the John McDermott dvd a Time to Remember.  John made this special in 2001 and I have had it for years.  It was nice to see it again.  John used to be one of the Irish Tenors and on this special he peforms songs including Christmas in the Trenches, the Battle Hym of the Republic, Try to Remember(which opens the show), Crazy Mary, and the Old Man.  

John has a good voice.  (Okay that might be a understatement.) He has guests on this special and I think his daughter sang a little at the begining of the song When I Grow Too Old To Dream (at least I think that girl is his daughter).  If you have haven’t seen John in concert or one of the Irish tenor specials, you might want to see this. 
My dad’s favorite song on the special might be a song called Here You Are, which John sang with a guest.  My dad might have commented that she has a better voice than John.  The song The Old Man is very good as well, he performed it in one of the Irish Tenor specials. 

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