Recent movies I did not go to

While I might go to a movie nearly every weekend, I don’t go to every movie.   I did take a weekend off from the movies a few weeks back.  Some movies just don’t appeal to me.

I did not go to the Jonah Hex movie.   (Not a lot of other people did either, it seems.)  I heard it was really bad.  Some of the reviews said that for a short movie it feels long.   That did not sound good. (You’d like a longer movie that feels shorter than it really is or a movie that is long but you don’t notice how long until after you leave the theater.)   I am not anti-western, I went to the recent 3:10 to Yuma (which was good).  I might catch Jonah Hex  on cable later to see if it is as bad as it is rumored to be.

To digress a little for a moment,  almost every year there is one movie  that looks so bad that even I will wait for it to pop up on cable to see if it is really that bad.  (I am not a harsh movie critic in general.  I even found nice things to say about the movie Killers, which is perhaps average at best.)  One year it was Miss March and another year it was the Love Guru , I guess this year it will be Jonah Hex.

I did not go to the Karate Kid remake.  For some reason I think making the hero of the movie that young is just kind of creepy.  Also some of the reviews suggested that the movie was bad in other ways and well, I had the A-Team to go to that weekend.  (Apparently not a lot of people went to the A-Team movie but I enjoyed it.)   (Stories quoted Ralph Machio, star of the original as giving his blessing when Will Smith called.  That was nice but don’t you think that made Ralph feel old?  “Ralph, we’re remaking your classic movie.”  If you’re Ralph, what do you say?)

I didn’t go to the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.  I don’t go to horror movies anymore.  I might have aged out of the demographic.   (Stephen King hasn’t, which is sort of odd.  So I am older in some way than Stephen King, who is actually older than me? )

I didn’t go to Get Him to the Greek.  I find Russel Brand more odd than funny.  I mean his HBO comedy special was not that good I felt.  (It was worse than Bob Saget’s maybe but better than Lewis CK’s.)  I’ve seen Brand on talk shows and somehow I don’t get him.

Sex and the City I thought was not for me.  I heard a critic say “that you needed to be a long time fan of the show to enjoy the movie.”  I guess I am not a long time fan of the tv show.  (It might have been better than Entourage. )


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