Comic book thoughts May

Mark Waid has two series going at Boom Studios, Incorruptible and Irredeemable.  They are good reads in trade paperback.   Peter Krause is the artist on Irredeemable, it is good to see him back working.  He is probably best known as the artist on Power of Shazam.  Irredeemable is the story of a world’s greatest superhero turning evil and Incorruptible is the story of how a major super villain responds to that.  Both books can be read separately.  (Well, they can be read separately, so far.)

Waid compares Irredeemable to  Kingdom Come and Empire, which he also wrote.  (Empire was pretty good, it is the story of a Doctor Doom type who conquers the world.) The forward to the first trade paperback  of Irredeemable  is worth reading.  The afterward by Grant Morrison is also worth reading.

The story begins  in Irredeemable with the Plutonian, a Superman type, going on a rampage.  No one knows why he’s rampaging at first and some of his former allies are trying to learn something that will allow them to stop him.   (Apparently if there is any major weakness to the Plutonian, he’s kept it a secret.)  It is an interesting story and the more it develops it gets scarier.  Still there are some touches of humor.

Incorruptible stars with super villain Max Damage reeling from the Plutontians’ rampage and deciding that the world needs a hero.   So far, I am only read the first four issues, so there are probably developments I am unaware of but it is interesting.


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