X-Men Apocolypse

This was good but maybe a little long. I think Apocalypse is not the most interesting villain. I never considered him a top ten Marvel comics villain. Mister Sinster might be more interesting. I think Oscar Isaac did the best anyone could be in the role.

Apparently Apocalypse has been rotting in a underground tomb for centuries but now he’s back and he wants to destroy human civilization. He gathers some followers. This part was a little weak or could have been expanded a bit.

Mystique helps to rally Xavier’s students. Jennifer Lawrence is not getting raves for her performance but I don’t think she was bad. Mystique is supposed to be world weary in this movie, at least for most of it.

Cyclops and Jean Grey appear and they are played by Tye Sheridan and Sophie Turner. I thought both were good. They should be good in the next movies.

Juliblee didn’t get enough to do. That was a shame. She is played by Lana Condor, she seemed likeable in her limited screen time.

Wolverine doesn’t need to be in the movie. I am not complaining about him being in the movie but it would be interesting to see a version of this movie without Wolverine.

Is Quicksilver a one trick pony? Maybe but it is a fun trick. Also these movies come out every two years. I thought Evan Peters was likeable in this film.

This movie was good. It was not as good as Captain America Civil War or Deadpool.

Movie Thoughts 5-26-2016

Superhero movie fatigue doesn’t exist yet, at least not for me. I think it will sometimes because there are so many superhero movies made. There are 3 more Superhero movies left for the year.

The Nice Guys was good. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling were good. The movie felt like a throwback movie from the 1970’s. Maybe there will be a sequel.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel actually looks decent. I might not see it in theaters but it looks better than I expected. I didn’t expect much though.

Star Trek Beyond opens soon. It seems like there should be more publicity about the movie soon. I hope it will be good. I didn’t hate Star Trek Into Darkness.

TV thoughts 5-22-2016

Legends of Tomorrow killed Vandal Savage three times in the finale episode. (I guess he’s really not coming back.) Hopefully next season will be better but this season was fun.

iZombie will come back at midseason. I hope it gets as many episodes as it got last season. Supergirl will change networks but keep the same time slot. I wonder if the show will improve in it second season.

Flash and Arrow end their seasons this week. I hope the next seasons are better, even though these seasons were good at times. I think both shows had a few problems this season.

Movie Thoughts 5-19-2016

There is a new Ghostbusters trailer. It is a little better than the last one. Of course that is a low bar to jump. This doesn’t look promising. Maybe the movie will be better than it looks.

Angry Birds looks bad. Reviews are terrible. I don’t plan to see it but I guess if my nieces want to see it, I will take them.

Neighbors 2 looks bad. It is getting better reviews than I expected but I am tired of Seth Rogen. I feel like he is doing the same thing in every movie.

Early reviews of X-men Apocolypse are mixed. I plan to see it but I am not expecting too much. I have enjoyed all the X-Men movies, even X-Men 3.

TV Thoughts 5-16-2013

I don’t love Firefly. I liked Serenity, and I liked the episodes of Firefly I’ve seen but I think I haven’t seen four episodes. If there is never another episode of Firefly or reunion movie, I am okay with that.

The Muppets was canceled. It didn’t take off. I liked some episodes but I lost interest in the show at some point. The Muppets might be back in another series in a few years or maybe they will return to the big screen.

Undateable was canceled. I liked it a lot. I wanted a fourth season but without the live episodes. Hopefully some members of the cast get new parts. Oh well it was a fun three seasons.

TV Thoughts 5-13-2016

The Grinder and Grandfathered have been canceled. That is disappointing, both shows were good. It was nice that they both got full seasons. I wanted second seasons for both.

Agent Carter was canceled. I liked season one but I didn’t get into season 2. I am not sure why I didn’t.

Supernatural has had a good, not great, season. I wonder if the season finale will be good. I would like to see Garth one more time.

Supergirl is moving to the CW. The show has been fun at times and it would be to see another team up with the Flash.

Captain America: Civil War

This is really good. In this sequel to Captain America the Winter Soldier, the United Nations wants to put the Avengers under UN control. Cap doesn’t want it but Iron Man, feeling guilty perhaps, thinks it is a good idea.

Then there is tragedy that seemed to have been caused by the Winter Soldier. Cap wants to help Bucky but people coming after Bucky want to kill him. This includes the Black Panther who blames Bucky for the death of his father.

Tom Holland comes as Spider-man and he’s good. I liked the previous actors who played Spider-man but after this I am looking forward to the new Spider-man movie. Chadwick Boseman is really good as the Black Panther. I am looking forward to his movie.

Is the movie too long? Maybe a little. The fights are good and the acting is good too. The villain is not great.