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People walked out on Amy Schumer’s concert

Recently a lot of people walked out on comedian Amy Schumer’s concert in Tampa this month. It was after her act turned political, especially anti-Trump. It was noticeable when people walked out.

Some people who left later claimed that they just wanted a politics free show. I guess that is possible. However the election is big news, I am pretty sure that even comedians who aren’t normally political talk about this election.

I wouldn’t have walked out. I would have stayed and waited for her to move on to other material. (Depending on the ticket price I might not have gone in the first place. I might not get Amy Schumer.)

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TV Thoughts 10-23-2016

NFL ratings are down 11 percent so far this year. That is surprising. Maybe the trend won’t last. It has been less than half a season. Or maybe it will and perhaps the growth of the NFL has to level off.

Lucifer is off to a good start to a second season. I wonder if the move to 22 or 23 episodes per season will hurt the show. Sleepy Hollow seemed to suffer after moving to more than 13 episodes a season.

I am not watching any sitcoms this season. I am not sure why that is. A lot of comedies I liked in the last few years all got canceled.

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Movie thoughts 10-15-2016

I didn’t get to see Shin Godzilla at theaters. I am glad it played in theaters though. It got pretty good reviews. I plan to see it later.

Doctor Strange opens in three weeks. I hope it will be good. Previews have looked good. I wonder how different it will seem from an Iron Man or Captain America movie.

The Jack Reacher sequel opens next week. I think I’m going to see it. The first one was really good. If the reviews are really awful, I could skip it.

Fantasitc Beasts and Where to Find Them opens next month. The studio is planning four sequels already.

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Luke Cage

Luke  Cage is the latest Netflix/Marvel show. It is good, really good at times. It stars Mike Colter as Luke Cage, the first major African American superhero from Marvel comics. (The Black Panther is not American.)

Luke Cage is living in Harlem, working odd jobs for cash as the series opens. Luke is forced into action when a gun deal goes wrong. Mob boss Cottonmouth seeks the stolen money.(No more details will be given.)

This is good. Colter is really good as Luke Cage. The rest of the cast is good but without   a strong lead, the series would falter.  Colter had previously played Luke in Netflix’s Jessica Jones series, so maybe that helped.

Cottonmouth is a good villain. The other villains didn’t interest me as much as he did. They aren’t bad villains though. Mahershala Ali is really good as Cornell Stokes/Cottonmouth.

The fights are good, if mostly one sided. I like scenes of Luke destroying guns. Once a gun is introduced that can harm Luke, the action becomes more interesting.

I like this and and am looking forward to Iron Fist’s show. It is kind of a shame that Iron Fist didn’t appear.


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Mrs. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

This is a film based on a novel by Ransom Riggs. I haven’t read the books, so I went into the movie fresh. There are three novels in the series, so they could also be made into films.

Jake discovers that the fantastic stories that his grandfather told me about an odd children’s home are true. Jake travels to the home and back in time to meet the residents of said home.

However there are villains who want to kill the children. These villains include Samuel L. Jackson. Killing the children would make the villains immortal.

There are a few problems with the film. Eva Green doesn’t have much to do. The film starts off a little slowly. A few of the children don’t get much to do.

I still enjoyed it. Jackson is having fun as the villain. After a slow start, the movie gets more interesting,


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Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven is a remake of a 1960 film. The 1960 film is a remake of 1954’s the Seven Samuari. I saw the 1960 film but not the 1954 film.

Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, and Byung Hun Lee star in this movie as gunfighters hired to defend a small western town. This remake is good.

It could have used the original movie score more. I am not saying the new score is bad. The original is a classic.

The original is better but I think this one is worth re-watching. It might not be the remake of the last few years.

It is rated PG-13 and for all the death, it is bloodless. I am not sure if that matters or not. Maybe I wouldn’t have noticed if critics didn’t mention it.

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Star Trek thoughts 9-17-2016

I haven’t watched a lot of Voyager or Enterprise. Maybe I should start watching one soon. Maybe Enterprise. Voyager gets a bad rap or so I’ve heard.

Or maybe I should dive into Deep Space Nine. I haven’t seen it in ages, maybe it is better than I remembered. I’ve read some experts who think it is the best of all the follow ups to the original series.

The next Star Trek series, Discovery, has been pushed back to May or June. (It was supposed to come out in January.) I hope it will be good. I don’t know if I want another prequel to the original Star Trek.