Movie Thoughts 10-2-2015

Jurassic World is good on re-watch but not great. There is a major plot hole though that almost took me out of the film. (I don’t think any park would give patrons that much control over a ride as the kids had over that sphere.)  The film looks better on a bigger screen.

I am not sure if I want to re-watch San Andreas. I enjoyed it well enough in theaters but I don’t feel ready to re-watch it.  Maybe I will be interested in re-watching it next month.

Hotel Transylvania 2 is good. The jokes are good. It is not great and the fight at the end is not necessary or at least it feels odd compared to the rest of the film. I don’t think the 3D is worth it.

Maze Runner thoughts

Okay, I’v seen the first two films in the Maze Runner series. (I haven’t read the books.) I have enjoyed both films. I will probably see the next film in the series.

I think the first film is a bit better than the second film. I am not sure why but maybe I will figure out when I re-watch the first film. (Maybe it will be on Netflix soon.)

I liked the Maze but if the teens spent two films in the Maze that would have been a mistake. No setting in the second movie was as interesting as the Maze.

I think Dylan O’Brien is fine as Thomas, the hero of the series. Maybe if he had a better script that would help. I’ve seen him in Teen Wolf, so I think he can do more.

There are some plot holes. If that company just needed the teens’ blood, why were they in Mazes? Maybe that will be explained in the last film.

Okay, the Hunger Games series is better. This series is still enjoyable.

Movie Thoughts 9-25-2015

I went to the Maze Runner: the Scorch Trials today. It was pretty good, maybe the zombie like monsters helped. (There is still no love triangle, so I guess there can YA movie franchises without love triangles.) Maybe I should re-watch the first film in the series soon.

Hotel Transylvania 2 opened this week. I didn’t want to go without my brother’s kids. I think we will go maybe in 2 weeks.  Reviews are not good on average, it is in high 40s on Rotten Tomatoes.

Trailers are coming so early. I saw a trailer today for the next Insurgent movie and it doesn’t open until March.  I think that is too early.

Movie Thoughts 9-19-2015

Black Mass was good. I was a little confused by a few plot points.  It was not great,  Johnny Depp was good but I wouldn’t say his performance deserves an Oscar. Adam Scott had a supporting role, so he got into one good movie this year.

I skipped the Maze Runner: the Scorch Trials. I was planning to go but a few bad reviews made me change my mind. Maybe I will see it next week. I  haven’t re-watched the Maze Runner since I saw it in theaters.  Maybe I am not that interested in the series.

Hotel Transylvania 2 opens next week. I liked the first one and the new one looks good.  Adam Sandler needs a hit. I wonder why Chris Rock isn’t voicing a character in the movie.

Movie thoughts 9-16-2015

Pacific Rim 2 has been delayed or possibly canceled. Oh well, I liked the first one  (but didn’t love it) and another one might have been nice. More news on this later maybe.

3 months until Star Wars the Force Awakens. I wonder if there will be another trailer.  Will this movie be good? I didn’t hate the prequels but they have made me lose some interest in the franchise.

I think the Doc Savage movie might not happen. It has been a long time since I saw anything about the movie. Did the failure of the Lone Ranger impact this?

The Remo Williams remake might not happen either. I wanted to see it. However there is a Mack Bolan movie being made or at least being planned, so maybe if that movie is successful, more action heroes will get into movies.

Movie Thoughts 9-15-2015

Black Mass, the movie about Whitey Bulger, looks good. Maybe it will be good. At least Johnny Depp won’t wear a funny hat or fake mustache. Maybe Depp’s unlucky streak will end.

The Scorch Trials opens this week too. I liked the Maze Runner, so I will probably go see it. Early reviews should come out soon.  There was not a love triangle in the maze runner, which was kind of nice.

The Perfect Guy was decent or maybe a bit less than decent. The script was bad, so the performances could only do so much. Maybe Michael Ealy will get in better movies if this one is successful.

Previews for Spectre still look good. Other previews I have seen lately haven’t been as interesting. (There were 5 previews with my movie yesterday and I only liked 2.) Ride Along 2 is coming but at least the preview was not dreadful.


More sequels and remakes (Sept 2015 thoughts)

Another Underworld movie is being made. Why? Isn’t that franchise kind of worn out? I guess people are still going to the films.

Kevin Smith is making Mallrats 2. After that he is making Clerks 3.  I could say that this seems to indicate a lack of new ideas but his last movie Tusk was an original idea and it got really bad reviews.

Another Halloween movie is being planned. It is going be called Halloween returns. It is not a great title. The classic slashers of the 80s might need to take a break.

Roadhouse, the Patrick Swayze movie might be remade as a vehicle for Ronda Rousey. Okay. I am not too interested but it could work I guess. I don’t see why it couldn’t unless she is just an awful actress.