Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

This was good. Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, and Simon Pegg return from the last movie. This time Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and company are hunting a mysterious organization called the Syndicate.  Alec Baldwin stars as the head of the CIA and he wants to shut down the IMF.

The stunts are good, there is not an excess of comic relief, and then the plot is good.  Actually the stunts are better than good. Ving Rhames comes back, which is nice.

Rebecca Ferguson stars as a mysterious woman. Her loyalty is not clear. Ferguson did a good job.

Rhames and Renner did not have a lot to do. That might be the biggest complaint I have with the film. Baldwin had fun with his part.

Undateable Season 3 and more TV thoughts

Undateable will return for a third season. It is supposed to be a full season of live episodes. That could be fun but I  worry that the novelty will wear off. I haven’t heard about any new cast members joining the show.

Supergirl looks good in previews.  I think it might be a fun show, maybe more like the Flash than Arrow. Competition between this show and Gotham will be interesting to watch.

Bruce Wayne is getting a new love interest on Gotham. That could be fun. I am not sure if the show will be better than it was last year. Maybe it will be better, a lot of shows get better in their second season.

Sleepy Hollow is getting an overhaul. I think there will be a new show runner and at least two new cast members. Three cast members are not coming back. I wonder how all the changes will work out.

Paper Towns

This is a good movie. Cara Delevinge stars as the mysterious and beautiful Margo and she lives across the street from Quentin (Nat Wolf). They were once friends. After a night of adventure, Margo disappears and Quentin goes to look for her.

This is based on a novel by John Green, who also wrote the Fault in Our Stars. Paper Towns is probably not as good. I thought Wolf and Delevinge were good in their roles. It felt a little long but maybe the six or seven trailers before it made it seem long.

Music could have been better. There is song in the trailer but it might be not be played in the movie. (I stepped out for a snack, so maybe I missed it.)

Oh, the title refers to fake towns put on maps by mapmakers to catch people who copy their work.

Movie Thoughts 7-30-2015

Vacation is getting mostly bad reviews. Maybe not every franchise needs to be revived. I hope it is not as terrible as reviews indicate because these writers are writing the new Spider-man movie.

Eight Days until the Fantastic Four movie. I haven’t seen any early reviews yet. I hope it will be good. I liked the previews but maybe not of other people did. There are also reports of trouble shooting the film.

Chris Pine is reported to be Steve Trevor in the new Wonder Woman movie. That is interesting but I think it is a good choice. There were rumors that he was going to be Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern Corps movie.

Channing Tatum might have left the Gambit movie, There are not a lot of details yet and it isn’t even sure if he left the movie. Maybe the movie won’t happen now or maybe he’ll be replaced.

Mission Impossible thoughts

Early reviews of Mission Impossible Rogue Nation have been good. Maybe the film will be good, I plan to see it. This franchise is in good shape, it seems.

Somebody compared the Mission Impossible franchise to Spider-man. Tom Cruise is still the star of this franchise after 20 something years but there is going to be a third Spider-man. It is an interesting point but I am not sure it means that much.  I think this franchise is tied to Tom Cruise more than Spider-man is tied to the actors.

I liked the last Mission Impossible a lot.  The plot and action scenes were good and I liked some of the gadgets. (It is nice to have them because James Bond went without gadgets for a while.) I’ve seen the film two or three times and I will probably see it again.

I don’t really remember the first three films in the series but I am sure I’ve seen them. (Or at least I’ve seen 2 of the first three films.) Maybe I will re-watch one of the first three films.

Movie Thoughts 7-25-2015

Pixels is getting pretty bad reviews. I thought it might be decent but maybe it is not.  Some of the reviews are really brutal. Is Adam Sandler’s star falling? Oh well, there are more movies every week.

Paper Towns is getting mostly good reviews. It is not going to be the hit the Fault in Our Stars was. At least it looks unlikely, the Fault in Our Stars opened big, this one didn’t open well.

Southpaw looks like a decent boxing movie. (MMA might be more popular than boxing in some ways but not at movie theaters.) Maybe i will see it.  It doesn’t seem urgent or at least I don’t have an burning desire to see it.

Movie Thoughts 7-19-2015

Judd Apatow is getting less popular in the last few years.  His last two movies were not hits and now he is getting a reputation for not editing his movies.  His latest movie is Trainwreck staring and written by Amy Schumer.  This is the first movie that he directed that he didn’t write and apparently it feels overlong according to some reviews I heard.

Vacation comes out in less than 2 weeks. I am not sure what I think. None of the trailers have been compelling. I am not a fan of lead actor Ed Helms. I wasn’t a fan of the Office. However if reviews are positive, maybe I will see it.

People/critics are predicting that Fantastic Four will fail. I hope it doesn’t. However there are plans for a lot of superhero movies in the next five years, maybe it is unavoidable for some films to fail.