Batman Gotham by Gaslight

Bruce Greenwood returns as the voice of Batman in this animated movie. Greenwood was the voice of Batman in Young Justice and Batman: Under the Red Hood. This tale pits Batman against Jack the Ripper. Jennifer Carpenter provides the voice of Selena Kyle.

This movie is good, not great. It is nice to see new version of Batman and his allies and enemies in a different time. The central mystery is not great and the setting of the story is more interesting than the plot. This movie is inspired by the graphic novel Gotham by Gaslight, which is considered the first Elseworlds story. (Elseworlds are stories like Marvel’s “What If” stories where familiar stories or characters are twisted.)

Greenwood and Carpenter are very good. It nice to have one or both of them return for future animated movies. I’d think a sequel to this could be fun if it had a better underlying story.

IGN has a good review on their page. Maybe for some people/fans, this is more of a rental than a buy.


I do not get Amy Schumer

I don’t get Amy Schumer. She has become a major star in the last five years or so. I just don’t get her, sort like I don’t get Tina Fey or Kevin Hart. I might be closer to getting Kevin Hart but he makes too many short jokes and I think his delivery is better than his material.

I tried watching her Netflix special and I lost interest. It was not the standup special ever like a lot people on YouTube said. (Dana Carvey’s recent special on Netflix was pretty bad too) but I gave up pretty quickly and haven’t felt like giving it another chance.  Maybe I will one day or maybe not.

I watched some of her movie Snatched and the best thing in that movie was seeing Goldie Hawn act again but soon I started to wish Hawn had come back in a better movie. (Are there movies in Latin American countries where people from Latin America come to the US and all the people are terrible to them? That would be fair.)

I didn’t see Schumer’s other film Trainwreck. I have heard it’s too long.  That might be the modern comedy thing where actors ad lib and the director or editor doesn’t cut anything. Sometimes “less is more” and sometimes “more is less”.

I know there has been a bit of a backlash towards Schumer in the last year or so and there have been people accusing her of joke stealing. I did not get her before that. I think people walking out of her concert in 2015 or early 2016 because her humor turned political were being silly. It was an election year, you should expect some political humor during a stand up performance during an election year.

Thinking about I, Tonya

This is the story of Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding. Yes, the assault on Nancy Kerrigan in 1994 is part of the movie but Kerrigan is barely a character in this movie. This movie starts when Tonya was 4 years old and her mother tried to get her into a skating class.

Margot Robbie is very good as Tonya. If she wasn’t, the movie would fall apart. I think Robbie’s performance is good as I have ever seen her. Sebastian Stan co-stars as her husband Jeff Gillooly. He is good.

Maybe it is just me but Allison Janney’s performance as Tonya’s mother is not that good. If she gets award consideration, I will be surprised. Maybe the character is not interesting (she just seemed mean).

I enjoyed this movie but I also felt it could have been better. There is something that distanced me from the movie. Maybe there were too many interviews and asides. I had heard so much about the movie that maybe I expected too much.


Thoughts about Wayward Sisters

Wayward Sisters is the second attempt to create a Supernatural spinoff. It is better than the first one, which doesn’t need to be discussed now. Basically a group of women and teenage girls who have survived encounters with monsters have banded together to fight monsters.

I liked the backdoor pilot episode. It feels like Supernatural but it is different. The theme song is by a band with a woman lead singer  and it looks like this group won’t be traveling as much as Sam and Dean. Also a regular cast of five is bit different than a regular cast of two, which Supernatural first had. Considering Supernatural’s history of killing female supporting characters, it is a bit surprising to see a female driven Supernatural spinoff.

The name Wayward Sisters is a reference to the song Wayward Son by Kansas, which is used as a theme song for Supernatural. If this goes to series, it will be worth checking out.

Movie thoughts 1-20-2018

Top five anticipated movies of 2018

  • Black Panther
  • Avengers Infinity War
  • Solo a Star Wars story
  • Aquaman
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp

I have no right to complain about too many sequels or spin-offs. Solo is anticipated  because I wonder if the movie is bad after the director swap. Also the advertising has not started yet for a movie comming out in 4 months. There are rumors that the movie is a disaster.

The Blob re-watched

The remake of the Blob is corny and violent but somehow enjoyable. In this movie a meteor falls from space and a weird organism terrorizes a small town. Defending the town is a rebel (Kevin Dillon) and a cheerleader (Shawnee Smith).

It is corny at times. There is the scene where a teenager encounters his minister at the drug store at the wrong time. He manages to convince the minster that he’s buying the condoms for his buddy who is too irresponsible to buy them himself. Guess who that buddy encounters later when he comes to pick up his date. (The pharmacist who is also his date’s father.)

The female lead says to the male lead “take care of yourself it is the only thing you’re good at.” He replies “No one else volunteered for the job.” That is kind of corny and didn’t Princess Leia say something similar (about looking out for himself being what’s he is best at)  to Han Solo? Of course Han didn’t say anything as sad as the male lead in this film did.

The Blob kills people and grows as it eats/dissolves people. The effects don’t hold up at times but the some of the deaths are gruesome in a fun way. (This movie is from 1988 of course the special effects might seem dated at times.) There is a death in a phone booth.

Some government people show up but are their motives what they claim? In the 1950s the answer to that question would be yes but this movie was made in the 1980s. The government created this as a weapon but it has become more dangerous than they expected.

I enjoyed seeing it again. Despite Entourage, I like Kevin Dillon as an actor and he was good as the rebel here. Shawnee Smith was good as the female lead and they had some nice scenes together. Del Close co-stars as the minister who becomes convinced the blob is a sign or threat sent by god.

It is worth seeing if you have not seen it. It is not great but it is fun.

Movie thoughts 1-13-2018

The Post was good. It about the Washington Post publishing the Pentagon Papers (a series of reports about the Vietnam war). Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep are good, of course.  Is the idea of the government trying to silence the press relevant to the current day? Yes but that idea is always relevant.

The Maze Runner the Death Cure opens in 2 weeks. I hope it is good. Trailers look good so far. I have no idea how the story ends. (I haven’t read the books.) It has been a fun series so far.

Black Panther opens  in less than a month. It looks promising. I wonder if the Stan Lee cameo will be dropped because of the sexual misconduct allegations against him. It might be awkward to keep a Stan Lee cameo in the film.

The New Mutants  movie has been pushed back to 2019. That kind of move is often not a good sign. Another director left the Gambit movie. I think that is the third or the fourth. X-men spin-offs are having some hard times.