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The Daily Show the Audiobook

This is pretty good. However if you liked Craig Kilborn’s version of the show, you might be disappointed with this book. His time is covered pretty quickly. Of course Jon Stewart’s name is in the title.

It is an interesting book. I didn’t know about some people who worked on the show before Stewart’s tenure. Also I didn’t know about some resentment that happens when Stewart started to reshape the show. One of the creators left the show a few years in Jon’s tenure.

The most surprising thing in the book is that comedian/corespondent Wyatt Cenac knew about Amos and Andy (he compared a skit about Herman Caine to the show). I think the TV show had not been seen in about 50 years and I don’t think anyone plays the old radio show. (Amos and Andy was a radio show and later a TV show about two black men but the radio show was created and written by white men and they voiced the characters. Black actors played the parts on the TB show.)

It is an interesting book.

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Movie Thoughts 11-24-2016

Bad Santa 2 got bad reviews. I am not surprised, the previews were not good. Bad Santa did not need a sequel or if it did, critics seem to feel this is not that sequel. Not every film needs to be a franchise. I won’t see it. Also there have been a fair amount of bad comedy sequels in the last four years or so.

Edge of Seventeen is a good movie about a girl in high school. Her father died four years ago and she is estranged from her mother and her older brother. Haliee Steinfeld stars and so does Blake Jenner as her older brother. Both are really good. Woody Harrelson is her teacher, it is always nice to see him. Hayden Szeto plays Steinfeld’s love interest and his character is Asian American but that is not a big deal.

There is a another boxing film coming out this month, Bleed For This. This movie stars Miles Teller and he is usually good. I don’t feel too interested in it. There have been a fair number of boxing movies in the last few years. Boxing however seems less vital in the sports landscape than it was even 20 years ago.

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Movie Thoughts 11-19-2016

AMC Theaters is reportedly considering tiered pricing for movies. I don’t think that is a good idea. There is a price point for a movie that I don’t think a lot of people will go over. Also if AMC is the only chain to do tiered pricing, it seems like that would cause people to go to other chains.

Some movies I saw either this year or last year were good enough to see once but I might be okay without seeing them again. It feels like I’ve seen more of those kind of movies in theaters in the last few years. I am not sure if that means anything or not.


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Movie thoughts 11-17-2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opens this week. Early reviews have been good. I might see it soon. I am not really excited about the movie but I am interested. I liked the Harry Potter movies I’ve seen but I only saw 3 or 4 out of 8.

Rogue One comes out in about a month. I hope it will be good. It is the first Star Wars anthology film. Previews have looked good and Darth Vader will have an appearance, which could be nice. Will people go to a non-trilogy Star Wars movie movie?

Hacksaw Ridge didn’t do well at the box office. I am not sure why it didn’t. It is a good movie. Maybe the movie was not promoted well. Or maybe a war movie about a pacifist is hard for studios to get people interested in seeing.



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People walked out on Amy Schumer’s concert

Recently a lot of people walked out on comedian Amy Schumer’s concert in Tampa this month. It was after her act turned political, especially anti-Trump. It was noticeable when people walked out.

Some people who left later claimed that they just wanted a politics free show. I guess that is possible. However the election is big news, I am pretty sure that even comedians who aren’t normally political talk about this election.

I wouldn’t have walked out. I would have stayed and waited for her to move on to other material. (Depending on the ticket price I might not have gone in the first place. I might not get Amy Schumer.)

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TV Thoughts 10-23-2016

NFL ratings are down 11 percent so far this year. That is surprising. Maybe the trend won’t last. It has been less than half a season. Or maybe it will and perhaps the growth of the NFL has to level off.

Lucifer is off to a good start to a second season. I wonder if the move to 22 or 23 episodes per season will hurt the show. Sleepy Hollow seemed to suffer after moving to more than 13 episodes a season.

I am not watching any sitcoms this season. I am not sure why that is. A lot of comedies I liked in the last few years all got canceled.

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Movie thoughts 10-15-2016

I didn’t get to see Shin Godzilla at theaters. I am glad it played in theaters though. It got pretty good reviews. I plan to see it later.

Doctor Strange opens in three weeks. I hope it will be good. Previews have looked good. I wonder how different it will seem from an Iron Man or Captain America movie.

The Jack Reacher sequel opens next week. I think I’m going to see it. The first one was really good. If the reviews are really awful, I could skip it.

Fantasitc Beasts and Where to Find Them opens next month. The studio is planning four sequels already.