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Movie Thoughts 7-24-2016

Dr. Strange opens in November. I hope it is good. It has been a good year for Superhero movies. Maybe the magic will make it different than some of the other Marvel movies.

Does anyone care about xXx the Return of Zander Cage? I am not sure. It opens in January and I suspect that I just saw the trailer for the first of several times at the movies. I don’t think the trailer will get more interesting.

I won’t buy Batman the Killing Joke animated movie. I am not interested in it. I remember the original story but I don’t like it that much. Oh well, not all these animated movies are me, I guess.

Jason Bourne opens this weekend. I wonder if people will go. It has been years since Damon’s last Bourne movie. As I type this, there are no reviews yet. I would have liked another spin-off with Jeremy Renner.

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Richard Rider returns as Nova

The original Nova Richard Rider will return sometime next year. That is nice. I won’t say I really missed him but I am happy he’s coming back.

I don’t even dislike the young Nova Sam Alexander. Sam is not going anywhere. (That is good, people like Sam.) I might know him better from the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon than the comics.

It will be to see the original Nova again. He is from the 1970s and is a long time New Warrior. Details on Richard Rider’s comeback are vague, for now. He and Sam will share a book.

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Star Trek Beyond

This is good. When the movie opens the crew of the Enterprise has been in space for nearly three years of a five year mission. Captain James T. Kirk has requested a promotion that would take him out of the Captain’s chair.

The Enterprise embarks goes to a Starbase and then is enlisted into a rescue mission. However the mission turns out to be a trap and the ship is destroyed and the crew has to crash land on an unknown word. While on the strange word, various members of the crew work together to get the rest of the crew back.

I liked it. Karl Urban is good as McCoy and has more to do than he had in the last movie. Sulu is gay and married but he doesn’t get too much time to deal with his relationship and we don’t know if his daughter is named Demora.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto remain the heart of the franchise as Kirk and Spock. Spock Prime has died and younger Spock is considering leaving Starfleet to help his people rebuild their society. Spock and McCoy have more scenes together and that was nice.

The villain is not good. He is not terrible but (minor spoiler)I am not unhappy that he won’t be back. Other than that, Star Trek Beyond is a pretty good film. I look forward to the next film.

I am glad that the plan is not to replace Anton Yelchin as Chekov. Yelchin died in a freakish car accident in June. He was good as Chekov.

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Summer of Noir: Sunset Boulevard

This is good. In this one William Holden plays a failed screen writer, Joe, living with a former movie star Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson). The movie opens with Holden lying dead in the pool narrating the story.

As the movie progresses Norma descends into jealously and madness. Her dreams of a comeback die. Joe starts to develop feelings for another woman. The acting is good.

The movie probably works better if you aren’t familiar with the musical. At times I was expecting the songs that wouldn’t come. (I think I still have the cast recording CD.)

So perhaps, I might not see the movie again. For a more full review, see Roger Ebert’s review.

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TV Thoughts 7-22-2016

Grand Admiral Thrawn is coming to Star Wars Rebels. That could be fun. He first appeared in Heir to the Empire novel 25 years ago. This will be his first cartoon appearance.

Teen Wolf season six will be the last season. It will start in November. That might be for the best. At times the show was pretty good but season five was a bit uneven.

Details on the new Star Trek series are limited. I had heard that might be like American Horror Story with single season storylines. There might be news coming out of Comic Con.

I am not watching any sitcoms currently. Undateable was canceled and I stopped watching Brooklyn Nine Nine. Grandfathered and the Grinder were also canceled.

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Modern Horrors

I am reading film critic Scott Weinberg’s book Modern Horrors. He has been reviewing movies since 1999 and I follow him on Twitter. He reviews non-horror movies for Nerdist.

I like his reviews. He likes horror movies but can still be critical of them. I like that. He likes slasher movies and well made found footage movies. He concedes that a lot of found footage movies aren’t well made.

Favorite reviews so far

  • the Final Girls
  • Fright Night
  • I, Frankenstein
  • Odd Thomas
  • Sinister

The reviews don’t have star ratings. That is a bit odd but the reviews are still enjoyable.

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This is good. It has some jokes that I didn’t like and I think a few of the cameos slowed the film down or broke the film’s momentum. It is better than the trailers, that first trailer was a disaster.

I liked Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Leslie Jones in this movie too.  I am not a particular fan of any of them. I think Kate McKinnon’s character is too much at times. Jones’ character might be loud at times but she comes across like a real person, McKinnon’s character sometimes doesn’t.

If there is a sequel, no more cameos. That should make things better. I am not saying the cameos ruined the movie but there might have been a better cameo free version of the movie. This is not a movie with a great villain. I’d like a sequel and if there is one, I’d like a better villain.

It is not as good as the original.  I still the all female team was a gimmick but the longer the movie went on, the less I thought about it being a gimmick.