Astro City: Lovers Quarrel

Lover Quarrel is the latest Astro City collection. This one features Crackerjack and Quarrel. They’re getting older. Another story in the collection features a talking gorilla who wants to play in a band.

This is good. Quarrel’s background is explored and it is interesting. Her father was a super villain also called Quarrel.  This is her first time in the spotlight. She has appeared before, she in the Tarnished Angel storyline.

The story about the talking gorilla who wants to be in a band is fun.  It is less serrious than Quarrel’s story but is still entertaining and interesting.

As always, the creative team is writer Kurt Busiek and artist Brent Anderson. Their work remains good after all these years. Anderson might be a bit unappreciated.



This movie has gotten very good reviews. This is a movie about the Boston Globe investigating the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal in 2000-2002.

Michael Keaton stars as the head of the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team, a small group of reporters who specialized in long term investigations. One day a new editor in chief comes in and he wants the  team to follow up on a story about a priest convicted of sexual abuse.

This is a good movie. It is nice to see the old fashioned ways of reporting, knocking on doors, taking notes, and looking at old newspapers on microfilm.  The movie makes good use of its Boston setting.

The acting is good.  Michael Keaton is good, possibly better than he was in Birdman.  Mark Ruffalo is good as one reporter who is a lapsed Catholic. Racheal McAdams is good but she is the fourth lead or maybe fifth lead.  Richard Jenkins pops up in a voice only role.

The Promise by Robert Crais

PI Elvis Cole returns in this novel. He is hired to find a woman who embezzled from her job and disappeared but there is more going on then meets the eye.

During the course of his investigation Cole encounters his old friend Jon Stone. It is nice to see Jon again, maybe he will get his own novel someday. Stone is or was a government operative.

Also turning up in this novel is cop Scott James and his police dog Maggie. They were the stars of Crais’ previous novel, maybe I should pick it up.

I liked this novel. Cole remains a likable hero. I enjoy his first person point of view, I think there might have been only one bad Elvis Cole novel and that was at least nine years ago.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Re-Watched

This is better than Spectre. There are some similarities in plot but this movie is better and more fun.

Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt and this time he and his allies are hunting a mysterious organization called the Syndicate. A mysterious woman Ethan encounters, Elsa, is working for Syndicate but there is more going on there.

Cruise is good as always. The stunts are very good, and some are amazing. It is nice to have Alec Baldwin in a supporting role.

Rebecca Ferguson is really good as Elsa. She doesn’t steal the movie. It will be interesting to see what she does next.

The only weakness might be the villain. I am not sure if any film in this series has had a really good villain.

Movie Thoughts 11-18-2015

There is a Zoolander 2, or 2oolander, trailer. I guess the movie isn’t for me. It doesn’t look that funny. It has been a long time it seems since Zoolander. I wonder if people will go or if the time between sequels has been too long.

Julia Roberts has a thriller coming out this weekend, Secret in Their Eyes. Previews look okay but not special.  Has her star faded a bit lately or does she just need the right project? I am not sure what her last few films were.

Gods of Egypt looks okay, I saw the trailer, but none of the main actors look Egyptian at all. Maybe there should be at least a few Egyptian actors in the main cast. The movie might still be fun.

It is about a month until Star Wars the Force Awakens opens.  I wonder how early the first reviews will come out.

Book Thoughts November 2015

The Crossing is the latest novel by Michael Connolly. This time Harry Bosch is working as an unlicensed PI for Mickey Haller. So far it is interesting but I might like Haller more than Bosch.

I still think I need a new book series.  I am not sure if I want a new mystery series or a new fantasy series. Maybe I will ask someone for a recommendation. I feel the need for something new.

Robert Crais has a new book coming out this month.  It will feature his series characters Elvis Cole and Joe Pike. I will get it as an audio download. I hope it will be good.


This is a good James Bond movie, not a great one. It might also be a bit too long but most of Daniel Craig’s James Bond movies are a bit too long.

James Bond is working on a last (and unofficial) mission from the late M and a new head of British intelligence is coming to power. He already wants to shut down the 00 branch before Bond’s “vacation” in Mexico.

Bond discovers evidence of a secret organization called Spectre. Bond goes awol to pursue this new organization while his co-workers brace for changes to come. Craig’s Bond likes to go awol.

Craig is good as Bond, and it was nice to see Q, Moneypenny, and the “new” M. If this is Craig’s last film as Bond, and it might be his last, it will be nice to have M and company back.

The stunts are good. Dave Bautista is on hand as a henchman but he is not as fun as Jaws was. The main villain is not that compelling, at least not to me. Also I don’t need all of Craig’s Bond films need to be tied together.

This will probably make my list of the top ten films of the year.