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Super 8 re-watched

Super 8 is a movie by writer director JJ Abrams as a homage to Steven Speilberg. It is good and I think it holds up. It is from 2011.

Kyle Chandler stars as a sheriff’s deputy raising his son after his wife’s death. His son and his friends are making movies with a super-8 camera. (The movie is set in 1979.) One night they’re filming and there’s a train wreck.

Mysterious things happen. The Air Force is involved. The young boys try to continue with their movie but the situation in their town becomes a higher priority.

I think the movie is pretty good. The young actors are good and the movie feels like a bit like a darker ET. This movie might have been Elle Fanning’s big break. (She is really good in this movie.)

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Suicide Squad

This movie is based on the classic series created by John Ostrander in the 1980s and its later revivals. This movie is not as good as Ostrander’s run on the title. Ostrander’s run on Suicide Squad is nearly as good as Walter Simonson’s run on Thor or John Byrne’s run on Fantastic Four.

Government operative Amanda Walker wants to assemble a team of super villains in case a person as powerful as Superman turns evil. She seems convinced that she can control such a team.

The team is needed sooner than expected. The team includes Harley Queen, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, and El Diablo. Special forces ace Colenel Rick Flag is on hand to ride herd over the team.

Will Smith is good as Deadshot. Margot Robbie is good as Harley Quinn, and Viola Davis is good as Amanda Waller. Cara Delavingne had something done to her voice to make her sound other worldly as the Enchantress and it might have taken away from her performance. The other cast members are okay.

The musical score was good and the songs were nice. The movie moves at a good clip and it is not too long. However it is not great. The Joker didn’t need to be in this movie and he is in and out of the movie, so it is hard to judge Jared Leto’s performance.

The movie didn’t quite come together. It is not terrible but outside of a few performances there is not much special about it. To say more would require spoiling the plot. Star Trek Beyond is better than this but this is better than Jason Bourne.

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Book Thoughts August 2016

Max Allan Collins new book Better Dead is good. It is his latest Nathan Heller novel and it is set in the 1950s. Private investigator Nate Heller is investigating the Joel and Ethel Rosenberg case. Then in the second novella Heller works for Betty Page, the famous pin up model. As always the cases are interesting and Heller remains a likeable and flawed hero.

The Star Wars Aftermath series has been fun so far. This is the series that tells what happened after Revenge of the Jedi. The books are entertaining, maybe not as good as Timonthy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy. Marc Thompson reads the audio version and he is good as always.

John Sandford has a new Virgil Flowers novel coming out in October. This is a good series. John Connolly has a new Harry Bosch novel coming out this fall. I prefer his Lincoln Lawyer series but the Bosch series is good too. So there are some good books coming out in the fall.

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Movie Thoughts 8-5-2016

The Divergent series is going to be wrapped up in a TV movie. I still haven’t seen the third Divergent film. Interest in the franchise fell off after the second movie. I am not sure why interest fell off.

I didn’t see Bad Moms. I just didn’t feel interested. I have heard that the movie is better than it looks, so maybe I might still see it.

This is still the year of failed sequels. Star Trek Beyond is making money but not as much as Star Trek Into Darkness did. It is disappointing because Beyond is better than in Darkness.

Jason Bourne opened well. I was a bit surprised. It opened better than the Bourne Legacy.

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TV Thoughts 8-3-2016

I don’t need to know why Netflix or Hulu didn’t ┬ápick up a canceled network show. I figure the company has its reasons. Agent Carter was not picked up by either streaming service after ABC canceled it. The head of Netflix explained the reasons why they didn’t pick up the show and maybe I did not need or want that much detail.

The new Ghost Rider is coming to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D next season. That could be interesting. I am not sure if I will start watching the show again. I really lost interest in season 3 and I am not sure why. It was not terrible.

Bill Simmons’ new show Any Given Wednesday is struggling to get viewers. HBO signed Simmons to a big deal, so they probably would like more viewers than 165,000 per episode. Simmons made his career as a writer and maybe he is kind of awkward on TV. From what I have seen, he isn’t compelling on TV. I don’t have HBO but even if I did, I would probably skip Any Given Wednesday

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Suicide Squad is getting bad reviews

The Suicide Squad movie is getting bad reviews. I guess I am not very surprised. I had a feeling that this movie would get a strong reaction. So far that reaction is mostly negative.

Being the first live action Joker since Heath Ledger is a challenge. Ledger was really good in that role. His version will probably cast a shadow over the role for years. It might be easier to be the second or third live action Joker since Heath Ledger. Maybe Jared Leto had too much to overcome.

I still plan to see the movie. Maybe I will agree with some of the critics. Maybe I won’t.

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Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne is hiding out and he is brought out of hiding by ex-CIA agent Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles). She says she discovered something about Bourne’s father while hacking the CIA.

The CIA finds out about the hacking and starts to track Parsons and Bourne. Also the CIA is in bed with a social media company for some reason. One agent, Heather Lee (Alicia Viakander), wants to bring Bourne in but higher powers want Bourne dead.

The action scenes are good. It was nice to see Julia Stiles, even briefly. The musical score was a little overpowering. The last car chase seemed to last a long time and Bourne wonders off to the shadows again.

Bourne doesn’t talk a lot this film. I don’t know if I would have noticed how little he spoke if I hadn’t seen it mentioned in reviews. Bourne was never really chatty in the previous films.

It is not a terrible movie but it isn’t great. Star Trek Beyond is better than this and I hope Suicide Squad will be too. If this is the last Bourne movie, I am okay with that.