Movie Thoughts 7-3-2015

Inside Out, about the emotions in a young girl’s head, was pretty good. It was also surprisingly touching at times. Lewis Black was anger, which was perfect. Amy Poehler was joy, the lead emotion. I don’t think this movie needs a sequel. (I don’t mean that in a bad way.)

Terminator Genisys was good but did not feel necessary.  The plot was somewhat spoiled by previews. If this is the last Terminator movie, that will be okay. It was good and it might be worth seeing again. There were plans for a new trilogy but at least to me, this movie did not spend a lot of time setting things up.

There were a lot of previews before Terminator. It felt like eight. Maybe it was one too many. At one point, I got a bit impatient for the film to start.

Next week the Minions cartoon comes out. I think it might be fun but I am not expecting it to be as good as Inside Out. I’d be really surprised if Minions is that good.

the Clone Saga

“The Clone Saga was so bad that I cannot enjoy anything with clones. It is too bad, I heard the Clone Wars was pretty good.” Okay, that is not true but the Clone Saga was a mess.

The Clone Saga remains one of the most infamous Spider-man stories ever even over 15 years later. It might be the most infamous Marvel comic story of the 1990s. I cannot of another story-line as infamous since that time.

The Clone Saga had the Spider-man Clone from the 1970s return under the name Ben Reilly. Peter Parker was going through hard times at the time and his clone coming back was not something he wanted.  He thought the clone was dead. Various villains were maneuvering behind the scenes and Aunt May was ill.

That paragraph doesn’t sound so bad. Things got worse. At one point, it is discovered that Ben is the real Spider-man, there are more clones (too many), and classic villain Doctor Octopus was killed.

The story-line kept getting extended and it lasted almost two years. New villains were introduced, the Jackal came back (from the original clone saga in the seventies) and Norman Osborn was revealed as the mastermind behind everyone. Peter was restored as Spider-man, and Ben died.

Aunt May died during the story. It was a touching moment but later that was reversed and well, the reversal was not done well. I am not sure it could have been done well.

reasons why the story-line was disliked

  • some of the villains introduced didn’t seem right for Spider-man, Scrier and Judas Traveler
  • replacing Peter was not popular
  • killing Ben was not popular with some fans
  • killing Dr. Octopus and replacing him proved unpopular and was reversed within 2 years
  • the story kept getting extended and more complex
  • with Kaine and other clones, it got a bit out of hand

(Yeah, points 2 and 3 seem to be in conflict.)

I haven’t even talked about the baby part of the story-line.

Movie Thoughts 6-30-2015

Magic Mike XXL opens tomorrow. I wonder if it will be as successful as the Pitch Perfect sequel.  I am not going to see it but I will check the reviews.

Terminator Genisys opens tomorrow. I wonder how it will do at the box office. Will it beat out Jurassic World in its fourth week? Early reviews have mostly negative. I might watch it.

I am surprised that Jurassic World is still doing so well at the box office. Maybe more people are going back to see it again than I would have thought.

Guillermo del Toro left the Justice League Dark or Dark Universe film. It is the first news I’ve heard about the movie in some time. I wonder if this film will ever happen. Apparently del Toro over-commits himself from time to time.


A new Squadron Supreme

After the Secret Wars, Marvel will launch a new Squadron Supreme series.  This will not be a return for the classic team. This series will feature a new team. I think the classic team is gone.

Apparently Hyperion, from Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers, will gather the new team.  This team will be from various universes that were destroyed and include the Nighthawk from the Supreme Power series among others.

James Robinson will write the new series. I liked his time as writer of Earth 2, so I am interested in this book.  He seems excited about the book in interviews.

Leonard Kirk will be the artist, He is good. He and Robinson worked together on Fantastic Four. Kirk once worked on JSA and Legion of Superheroes, so he can handle a team book.

More thoughts on Franchise Fatigue

Not everything needs to be a franchise and maybe some movies don’t need sequels. Some movies might be okay with a sequel but multiple sequels might be pushing it. Some movies might be good as stand alone movies.

Maybe I don’t have franchise fatigue. Maybe studios just want to make a lot of franchises. There seem to be plans to make a whole series of Ghostbusters movies (with both sequels and spin-offs) before the new movie comes out. There are plans for a Universal Monsters series.

Is Marvel’s cinematic universe partially to blame for this? Maybe. I think they were the first studio to use the phrase Cinematic Universe.  Now other studios like to use the phrase too.

TV Thoughts 6-27-2015

Why is Jimmy Fallon more sucessful than Conan O’ Brien? It seems like he is. I am not sure why though. Why does Fallon get better ratings than O’Brien? Is Fallon just more likable?

Jon Stewart has maybe 2 or 3 months left at The Daily Show. The dust up about his replacement Trevor Noah’s Twitter account seems to died down. I wonder how the last episodes will go.

Is HBO getting challenged by Showtime? Penny Dreadful seems pretty popular, even if it is not the hit Game of Thrones is. HBO’s other current shows don’t seem to get the buzz that shows like the Wire or the Sopranos did.

Franchise Fatigue?

I am done with the Kick-Ass series. I have seen both films in the series and don’t feel an interest in re-watching them or seeing sequels or spin-offs. I guess that could change but it doesn’t seem likely.

I think I’m done with the Transformers series too. I guess that can change too but I skipped the last two movies In the series. I don’t regret skipping them and haven’t been tempted to see either one.

Maybe I have a limit on how many film franchises I want to follow. Or maybe there are so many franchises, that if one franchise slips or my interest wanes, I just move on to the next franchise. 

Maybe “Franchise Fatigue” isn’t the right phrase. I am still interested in a lot of franchises.  I haven’t lost interest in the Star Trek or Marvel movie franchises.