Recent Sequels I skipped

Night at The Muesuem: Secret of the Tomb, Anchorman The Legend Continues, and Paul Blart 2 were sequels I skipped. I also skipped Dumber and Dumber To, and Grown Ups 2. So I draw the line somewhere on movies. I also skipped This is 40, which is sort of a sequel or at least a spinoff.

The movie’s mentioned above are all comedies. Am I against the idea of a comedy sequel? I enjoyed the Vacation movies and The Back to the Future series. It has been a few years since those films though.

I also skipped the Hot Tub Time Machine 2. It, like a lot of the movies mentioned in the first paragraph, looked bad. Also some of these movies did not to me seem to need sequels, or another sequel in the case of Night at The Museum.

I don’t go to horror movies, so I don’t go to horror sequels. I take my necies and nephews to cartoon sequels and I go to action sequels. Maybe I am at least a bit anti-comedy sequels.


Tomorrowland is out and it is good but maybe not great. Brad Bird directed and co-wrote this film. Bird was the director of the Iron Giant, the Incredibles, and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. Tomorrowland is not his best work.

A young woman named Casey finds a mysterious pin that transports her to another world. This is world is Tomorowland, a place where geniuses were striving to improve the world. Alas, both worlds have fallen on hard times and people have given into despair.

George Clooney co-stars as a man who has been exiled from the other world. He helps her get back after he becomes convinced that she can help save the world. The world needs saving.

It is enjoyable. Clooney is good and Brit Robertson is good too as Casey. The movie is kind of corny and old fashioned. Maybe director Bird’s previous films were so good that I expected too much.

Movie Thoughts 5-24-2015

Top five movies seen in theaters 2015 so far

  1. Avengers Age of Ultron
  2. Selma
  3. Foxcatcher
  4. Furious 7
  5. the Duff

It has been a bit of an odd year.  Maybe a few of these movies won’t be on my top ten list. Critics loved Mad Max; Fury Road but I lost interest after an hour.  I had no interest in Pitch Perfect 2.

I have not heard anything about the Remo Williams/ the Destroyer remake in a while. I wonder if something happened and it got canceled. I would like to see a new Remo Williams movie.

Paramount reportedly thought the original script for Star Trek 3 is too “Star Treky”. Apparently Paramount looks at the success of the Avengers movies and wonders why Star Trek can’t be that popular. That is the gossip I have heard on podcasts.

Book thoughts 5-23-2105

The new John Sandford novel Gathering Prey is good so far. Richard Ferrone reads it on audio and he is always good. This time Lucas Davenport is investigating murder involving modern gypsies known as Travelers.

Stephen Hunter’s novel I, Ripper is good. This is a bit different than Hunter’s best known works but still enjoyable.  This is about Jack the Ripper and part of it is told from his point of view. Michael Page reads the audio.

I need a new author. I think I need a new series but I am not sure what kind. Maybe I will look to see if any authors I read are starting a new series. Maybe it might be time for a political thriller.

TV thoughts 5-21-2015

The Flash had a good first season. It really improved after the first three or four episodes. The second season comes in the fall and I think it should be pretty good.

Season four of Arrow might be interesting. Season three was a bit up and down. I wonder if season four will be an improvement. Maybe John Barrowman’s Malcolm Merlin shouldn’t come back again.

I think it is time for Community to end. Some of the last episodes have been lackluster. Maybe the freedom Yahoo gave the creative team was not such a good thing.

Undateable will be back with all live episodes next season. I liked the live episode this season. However, I worry that doing a whole season of live episodes will be a mistake.

IZombie is fun. There are three episodes left in the season and there will be another season.

Movie thoughts 5-16-2015

I tried Mad Max Fury Road and lost interest after an hour or so. It is not terrible, exactly. Maybe I don’t like Tom Hardy. Maybe Tomorrowland will be better next week.

I didn’t see Pitch Perfect 2 but a lot of other people did. It opened well. I guess there be a third one now.

Asa Butterfield, from Ender’s Game and Hugo, is rumored to be the new Spider-man. He looks a bit too young for the role. I know Marvel was rumored to want a younger actor but maybe he looks too young.

There is going to be a New Mutants movie. That could be fun. I wonder if this replaces the X-Force movie that has been rumored for years.

Fantastic Four Re-watched

With the reboot of Fantastic Four coming out in August, it seems like a good time to re-watch the original film. So I did and I still liked the film. It is not great but it has some nice moments.

The oddest aspect of re-watching the Fantastic Four is seeing Chris Evans as Johnny Storm/the Human Torch. Evans is good in the role but he is best known now as Captain America. Evans has a good buddy chemistry with Michael Chickilis’ the Thing. It is funny to see them pull pranks on each other.

Jessica Alba took a lot of criticism for her role as Susan Storm. I don’t think she was that bad. She is not the worst actress ever cast as a scientist. She and Evans don’t look that much like brother and sister.

Ioan Gruffudd is good as Reed Richard/Mr. Fantastic. He is likable but also a bit remote.  His relationship with Sue is good and his relationship with the Thing is good.

The Thing is the heart of this movie. Michael Chiklis is good in the role.

The worst thing is the villain. Victor Von Doom is played by Julian McMahon and he is not great. Maybe with a better actor as Doom, the movie would have been better.

I am probably being generous in my views on this movie.