Re-watching It Chapter One

It Chapter One (or just It) holds up on re-watch. One of my friends said that this feels a lot like Stranger Things and he is right.  There are some differences though but having one of the Stranger Things kids in a major role in It does make the two projects seem very similar.

The young cast is very good. I think like the Oustiders people will look back on this film years later and look at where all these actors got their start. On re-watch, I felt the cast did very well.

I thought some of the scares were good and I did not think the movie was too gory. The sequence with the leper is creepy.  The moment when It appears in the garage is still shocking.

I am looking forward to part two with the adult cast, whoever that might be, and I hope these actors get some more interesting projects.




More thoughts on Extreme Ghostbusters

I am watching some of episodes of the Extreme Ghostbusters again. (It is on Hulu.) It was a good series even if it only lasted one season. It was in 1997, years after the end of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon and a new crew of Ghostbusters was assembled with Egon acting as their mentor.

The new team had three men and one woman and included a Latino and an African-American member. Also there was a member in a wheelchair. This sounds like forced diversity but the characters were likable and the voice actors were good.

I think the team could have become more likable or interesting if given future seasons. It was a pretty plot heavy show so maybe there could have been more time for character development. I like this crew more the crew from the 2016 movie. (This might be really unfair though. It is hard to compare to characters who had one movie to characters who had forty episodes of a TV series.)

Also I like the legacy aspect of the show. It appeals to me. I enjoy the legacy ascept of DC comics (which might have lost from time to time) like the JSA being one generation and the JLA being the next generation. I did like the two part return of the original Ghostbusters.

I thought there was not too much comic relief, which I tend to hate. (I’ve mentioned too much comic relief being a problem in posts about some movies.) Maybe the series would have be better without Slimer but he never dominated the show.

Some of the monsters were really creepy, there is even a bunch inspired by the Cenobites from the Helleraiser franchise. The horror elements are present and in one episode we get to see what each character fears most. The insect monster was gross.

I think this is worth seeing if you haven’t seen it and worth seeing again if you have seen it. This team might never really return for their own series but a few of the characters have appeared in Ghostbusters comic books.

Movie Thoughts 3-11-2018

Romantic comedies have been in decline the last five years. Or at least the genre is not the box office force that it was in the 1990s and early 2000s. I have thought about this a lot and even written about it a lot but I am not sure why the genre has fallen. Did the audience for the genre just decide they could get romantic comedies on TV and stop coming out to theaters? Or does the rise of a genre mean that another one has to fall?

The Solo movie comes out in over 2 months and I still feel uncertain about the movie. Previews have not looked great. I don’t think a Star Wars movie can bomb, I figure a lot of people will see it opening weekend, but what if it does somehow? I cannot imagine what the response would be. Also at times I wonder if I am  missing something but I am not really that interested in Han Solo before he meet Luke. We already had a rough idea of his past.

Thoughts after re-watching Thor Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok is still good but I have a few thoughts after re-watching it. I still think it’s worth watching. This is a mostly spoiler free post.

One thought is the movie undercuts dramatic moments a lot. The whole movie has a jokey tone but there are moments that should be more serious that the movie likes to undercut by making a joke. I like a nice dramatic moment sometimes. This might be a Marvel Studios thing.

Loki might have reached his limit as a villain or maybe the character needs a break. I am not sure which. Thor in this movie is ready for Loki to back stab him, which is nice for Thor’s character but maybe not for Loki’s character. I am not criticizing the actor Tom Hiddleson, I think he gave a good performance.

Overall, I still like the movie and is better than Thor the Dark World. If this is the last solo Thor movie, it is a good ending to the series.

Movie thoughts 3-9-2018

Some people complained that reviews of Death Wish are too political. A movie about a man becoming a vigilante in modern day Chicago, which has had a serious gun violence problem in the last few years, is political. Also there is no such thing as an objective review, all reviews are subjective.

Is the Goosebumps sequel still happening? It feels like I have not heard anything about it in a long time.  The first one was fun and silly. I guess I might be okay with there being only one Goosebumps movie, if the sequel never happens.

Vin Disel is reported to star as Bloodshot, the Valiant comics hero. That could be fun I guess. Bloodshot is a super solider whose past has been wiped out and he has superpowers. He uses guns and has a unnaturally white skin tone. I am not sure Disel would have been my choice but Dwayne Johnson can’t be in every movie.


Bruce Willis and his later career

Bruce Willis’ new movie Death Wish is supposed to be really bad and it at least semi-bombed. He has had a rough last few years. I am not sure why exactly. Since 2004 he has made a lot of straight to video movies, so he is still in demand i guess.

I have heard that Willis seems to be sleepwalking his way through the new Death Wish. The last Diehard sequel is reported to be terrible. I still have not seen it and I don’t plan to it seems. There are rumors of yet another Diehard sequel, so I guess the last one made a reasonable amount of money.

The last movie I remember Willis getting good reviews for is Moonrise Kingdom. Maybe his brand of action movie is just not as popular as it used to be. Maybe he needs to do more films that aren’t action movies. Or maybe stardom just doesn’t last forever.


Movie thoughts 3-4-2018

Deathwish is out. Reviews are bad. I am not surprised, it didn’t look interesting. It was originally supposed to come out last year but it was pushed back after the Vegas concert shooting. Now it comes out after a school shooting in Florida. Some critics suggest that Willis is sleep walking through the the film.

Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie Red Sparrow is out too. She is playing a Russian spy. It doesn’t look good but reviews are better than the Deathwish reviews. This is not a great weekend for movies. Maybe the next weekend will be better.

Avengers Infinity War has been moved up a week. That seems odd. Trailers have been good.