Franchise Fatigue Again

I still have some franchise fatigue. I thought was over it but lately the feeling has come back.

I feel like I should be a bit more excited about a new Terminator movie. It seems more likely that another sequel could happen than it did a few weeks back.I liked the last one but I’d be okay without another one.

I don’t feel interested in another Expendables movie or another Kick-Ass movie. I feel done with both franchises. I probably am done with another franchise or two.

I am not sure how interested I am in the new Star Wars movies. Some days I feel fairly interested but other days I remember the prequels being disappointing. Maybe my feelings will change the closer I get to the first new movie.

Maybe if I see a few trailers for interesting original films, this franchise fatigue will fade a little. Maybe franchise fatigue is something that never goes away completely. Maybe it comes and goes.



Movie Thoughts 8-27-2015

Vin Disel is threatening or promising a new XXX movie. I vaguely remember the first film but I was not anxious to see the character return. I suspect that a lot of other people weren’t either. Maybe the film will be good.

Terminator Genisys might get a sequel. It did well internationally.  I might see the sequel but I am not thrilled at the idea. I liked the film but I was okay with the thought that there might not be another film in the franchise.

Is Blade returning to the big screen? That is the new rumor but the rumor suggest the movie might focus more on Blade’s daughter. (She is new.)  I never thought Blade would return to the big screen.

Armie Hammer still carries the failure of the Lone Ranger with him. That seems unfair. That film has its faults but I don’t think Hammer was one of the major faults. I wish the Man from U.N.C.L.E. did better at the box office. It is a fun film.

Movie Thoughts 8-22-2015

The trailer for Victor Frankenstein is out. It looks good, not great. Maybe there will be another trailer and that trailer might seem more interesting. The new monster design looks good.

Crave online has a list of the 5o worst movies of this decade so far. I think I saw 5 of them, so I don’t feel too bad. Adam Sandler had a few films on the list. So did Johnny Depp but the Lone Ranger was not on the list.

There are rumors of another Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. It seems too soon, the last one was in 2010. Apparently there will be another Freddy.  Maybe the classic slashers of the 80s need to be retired.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

This was fun.

This movie is based on the old TV show from the 1960’s.  Henry Cavill stars as CIA agent Napolen Solo and he is forced to work with KGB agent Illya Kuryakin (Armie Hammer). They met at the beginning of the film and it was not friendly. They are teamed with an East German woman named Gabi (Alicia Vikander).

This is sorta like a Bond movie from the 1960s but without outrageous gadgets. However there is a not special henchman like Jaws or  Oddjob. Maybe one would have helped.

This is very stylish. Maybe it is more style than substance. However it was fun and Cavill was good, showing a charm that he probably won’t get to show as Superman. Hammer is good too. I thought Vikander was fine.

Apparently not a lot of people went to see it in America. Reviews are fairly good. I am not sure why people didn’t go. Maybe it didn’t look exciting enough. Maybe people weren’t interested in a period piece.


Archie has been relaunched by Mark Waid and artist Fiona Staples. Waid is probably one of the best comic book writers of his generation. I am not really familiar with Staples. I was curious and got the issue.

The first issue of the new issue is out. It is good. Archie and Betty are broken up when the issue starts and the supporting characters try to get them back together. It is a simple plot but well excuted.

Staples’ art is pretty good. She might be a great Spider-man artist. Her art is not cartoonish.

Waid’s writing is good, which is not a surprise. This was a good first issue, maybe even a great one. I am not sure how long he will write the book.

Archie comics has sort of reinvented itself in the last five years or maybe just hit a creative peak.

Movie Thoughts 8-13-2015

The Man from U.N.C.L.E is getting some decent reviews. Maybe it will be good. I plan to see it this weekend.  Some reviews say the film is enjoyable but more style than substance.

Straight Outta Compton comes out this week. This is the story of N.W.A. (and the title comes from one of their songs) and reviews are good. Maybe this is a two movie weekend.

Fantastic Four bombed and the analysis continues. Does that failure mean something?  If, so what does it mean?  I am not sure if anyone really knows yet.

Jack Reacher 2 might start filming soon.  I liked Jack Reacher and it will be nice to see a sequel.

Movie Thoughts 8-9-2015

I skipped the Fantastic Four movie. The bad reviews convinced me not to see it.  I am disappointed that the movie is reportedly so bad. Even some of the bad reviews were not fun.

I guess not going to every superhero movie is a way to avoid superhero movie fatigue.

Kung Fu Killer with Donnie Yen is good. He makes good films. His best film might be Ip Man. Kung Fu Killer is set in the modern day but a lot of Yen’s movies are set in the past.

Straight Outta Compton opens this week. It looks decent. I wonder if people will go see it.