Movie thoughts 2-22-2015

The Duff is good. Robbie Amell might have more comedic talent than I thought and Mae Whitman is very likable. I liked seeing Romany Malco in a supporting role. He could have had more to do.

If I go to Paul Blart 2, do I lose my right to complain about there being too many sequels? Maybe. I don’t think I am going.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 didn’t open well. Maybe the bad reviews worked. Or maybe the previews didn’t interest people. I hope this doesn’t hurt Adam Scott’s chances to get another movie.

There were 5 previews before the Duff and the only one that interested me was Insurgent. That movie opens in about a month.

Love, Rosie

This is apparently based off a novel.  I haven’t read the novel, maybe it is good.

Lily Collins and Sam Claflin star in this movie as long time friends, Rosie and Alex. they live in London but Alex gets a chance to go to College in America but Rosie gets pregnant and can’t go. Their relationship changes over the years.

It is pretty good. The performances are good and the story is a little more bittersweet than I expected. Collins is better than she was in the Mortal Instruments movie, which I liked.

I am not saying it is a classic or anything but I might watch it again someday. The movie is at 21% at Rotten Tomatoes. So, if you trust Rotten Tomatoes maybe you can skip this one.

Movie thoughts 2-14-2015

I think there were six trailers before Kingsman and I was not interested in four of them. That is slightly disappointing. The Fantastic Four trailer still looks like an Interstellar trailer.  I still don’t know why I get all the horror movie trailers since I’ve only been to maybe two horror movies in the last six or seven years.

Fifty Shades of Grey got mostly bad reviews  but apparently Dakota Johnson got some good reviews for her performance.  If the male lead Jamie Dornan got good reviews, I have not seen any. On What the Flick they said a young Billy Zane could have been good as the male lead.

I might have slightly overrated the Kingsman. I liked the movie but maybe in hindsight, I might have like the novelty of Colin Firth being an action hero a lot. I guess if you lived in Kentucky, you might not like the fact that the villain came to your state to try out his device on such awful people.  (I got the feeling that we were not meant to feel any sympathy for the people in that church.)

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 opens next weekend. I might skip it. It doesn’t look that funny and I don’t remember wanting to re-watch it in the last year and a half.  John Cusack won’t be back, he is being replaced by Adam Scott (well sort of). The first movie came out almost five years ago.


Colin Firth stars as a James Bond style spy (maybe in the tradition of Roger Moore) in this movie. It is adapted from a comic from writer Mark Millar and artist Dave Gibbons (so it probably looked great at least).  Mathew Vaughn directed it and co-wrote it.

Firth’s character Harry Hart recruits a young man Eggsy to replace his father in a secret spy organization known as the Kingsman. While Eggsy is being trained, Harry investigates a billionaire Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) who has a sinister plot to decimate the world’s population.  Maybe it would be nice if  the villain’s name was a bit goofy.

This is fun. Some of the action scenes are good and Firth is good in his role. Jackson’s lisp is not annoying (in the comericals  the lisp seemed like  it could be annoying) and he seems a lot less commanding than he is as Nick Fury.  There are some nice touches of humor.

However if I don’t see ten better movies this year, I will be disappointed.

Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show

Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show. He has been on the show for about 17 years or so.  There was a host of the Daily Show before him (Craig Kilborn) but almost everyone agrees that Stewart was better.

Stewart did not give a good reason for leaving. He just said something like maybe it was time to move on. He did not hint at future plans.

Now, speculation will start about possible replacements. John Oliver has a pretty good job at HBO but he would be a good choice. Maybe he will come back.

I am not a huge fan but I enjoy the show from time to time. I think the show can be successful with a new host. Maybe the show will be slightly restyled.

Spider-man’s movie future

Marvel and Sony have reached an agreement to share Spider-Man.  Some of the details are still vague but apparently Spider-Man can appear in Marvel movies. And some characters from Marvel movies could appear in Spider-Man movies.

People who were fired or let go or asked to move on

  • star Andrew Garfield
  • director Marc Webb
  • producers Avi Avad and Matt Tomalch (they apparently can come back but with very limited power)

I don’t think Garfield is part of the problem. At times, he was pretty good. He and Emma Stone were good together but Marvel wants a younger actor in the role. To be fair, he will be 32 by the time the next film starts shooting.

Director Marc Webb is gone. I am not sure he is at fault either. I think the scripts were bad. (At times the second Amazing Spider-Man movie seemed to be setting up future films as much as telling a story.) Maybe Webb can go back to less action oriented movies and that might be a good fit.

I know some people blame Avi Arad for the series’ decline domestically at the box office. He has been involved in all five films. I know that even Andrew Garfield blamed him for the uneven Amazing Spider-Man 2. (I don’t remember any rumors about Tomalch.)

Apparently Sony still plans to do their Spider-Man spin-offs. Marvel might not be involved in those films, which seems a bit odd.


Avenging Force

This is a good movie from 1986. It is not a classic but it is enjoyable. The director and stars of American Ninja team again for a more serious movie (relatively more serious anyway).

Michael Dudikoff and Steve James fight right wing nuts. Dudikoff is a former secret service agent and James is running for the Senate. That is the plot.

The villains are a secret society called Pentangle. They are racist and want revenge on James’ character for blocking them from building a factory. They claim to be worried about a decline in America and its values. Also, they hunt people in a swamp.

Dudikoff and James are a likable pair and some of the action is pretty well staged. James’ character drops out of the movie but they have a good buddy chemistry.

This blu-ray features an introduction by director Sam Firstenberg. It is not bad. He says that he thinks this is his best movie. Maybe it is.