Mark Waid is keeping busy

Mark Waid, the great comic book writer is keeping busy. He is still working on Daredevil and he has been writing it for about 3 years (or maybe 5 years). Daredevil gets good reviews and sales are steady. Maybe it is past time I check it out.

Waid is going to write the relaunched Archie series. Archie comics has had a revival in the last five years or so. I’d be tempted to call it a comeback but the company never went away. I am not sure if he has signed up for a short term.

Dynamite comics is going to start a new comic with the pulp hero the Avenger. Waid will write it. So, if his Green Hornet series has ended, he is moving onto another classic hero.

Waid will also write the new Avengers comic after the Secret Wars. (Well he will write one of the new Avengers comics.) The cast looks interesting with the new female Thor, the young Ms. Marvel, and Miles Morales/Ultimate Spider-man.

Who remixes the Police?

Okay, I heard the Police on the radio on the way home from work. It was “Every Breath You Take” and it didn’t sound right. I think that was a remix. There was a weird sound, I cannot explain it. It was not a drumbeat, exactly but it sounded a bit like that. It was distracting.

I am not a music snob. At least, I don’t think so.  Oh well, somewhere I have the best of the Police on CD, assuming that it isn’t loaned out. Time to look for a few CDs again.

Maybe this is one reason not to listen to music on the radio.

Community and Undateable return

The first two episodes of Community came out on Yahoo.  So far, the show is still good but does Greendale still need saving? Paget Brewster and Keith David have joined the cast and they both seem promising.  The  new episodes are a bit longer than most sitcoms.

Some reviews mentioned issues with Yahoo Screen. It seemed to work fine for me. It might not be perfect. I guess I will see if there any problems the next few weeks.

Undateable is back too. Bridgit Mendler has been added to the cast but the first episode was not really about her character.  I look forward to next week’s episode. The gang is still hanging out at Justin’s bar.

Selfie is still gone and the leading lady has moved onto another project.


iZombie had its first episode last night. It seems pretty interesting.  It is the story of a young medical student, Liv Moore, who becomes a zombie and tries to adjust. She also has try to keep her secret.

Right now, she is using her powers to help a cop solve murders. In real America, the murder rate has been down but the TV murder rate is up. She pretends to be psychic to explain her powers/how she knows things.

Rosie McIver stars as Liv. She comes across as likable, which is important.  Apparently her zombiness ebbs and flows depending on how recently she ate brains.

This seems a bit odd companion show to the Flash. Maybe they’re both superheroes of a sort but the horror elements of iZombie make things different.

Movie thoughts 3-15-2015

I still miss Roger Ebert’s reviews.  Even when I disagreed with him, his reviews were interesting. I am not sure who is the most popular or best regarded film critic.  I wonder what he’d think of the “blockbuster complex” or the “franchise complex” that seems to be taking over the industry.

I wonder if Beta Ray Bill could appear in a Marvel movie. It would be nice to see him.

Valiant comics wants to get their characters into movies. The company is getting a cash infusion from a company that co produced a Transformers movie.

Insurgent is getting some good early reviews. Some reviews say it is better than the first film. I plan to see it this coming weekend.  The previews have looked good. Maybe I should re-watch Divergent to get ready for the new film.

Movie thoughts 3-13-2015

Top Five holds up on re-watching. Chris Rock is a very funny man and it was nice to see him (or his character) briefly do some stand-up.

Liam Neeson has hinted that he has only one or two more years of action movies left.  I am not sure if I want to see his latest movie, Run All Night.  I skipped Taken 2 and Taken 3, and also Nonstop. Maybe I have had enough of Neeson’s action movies.

I am not sure if I want to buy the last Hobbit movie. Maybe I don’t. I will think about it for a few days. Maybe the movie will seem a little better on a re-watch.

There is a Fast and Furious parody, Superfast, coming out. The trailer is decent at best ( if I am being charitable) and the jokes look obvious.

Dan in Real Life re-watched

I like this movie a lot. I am not sure if it is my favorite movie with Steve Carell. It might be. I still have my DVD that I bought in 2008.

Carell stars as Dan, an advice columnist and father. His wife has been dead for four years, As the movie opens, Dan is taking his daughters to his family’s annual vacation weekend. At a bookstore, he meets a woman named Marie (Juliette Binoche) and feels something he has not felt in years.

Marie turns out to be his brother Mitch’s new girlfriend. She feels something for Dan too. The weekend starts to become complicated.

Juliette Binoche is really good in this movie. She and Carell make a likable couple. Dane Cook seems a bit of an odd choice to be Carell’s brother Mitch.

This is a good movie but it is not a laugh riot. I think it holds up on re-watching.