More thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer

Well, this trailer was a bit more fun than the Batman v. Superman trailer.  That is nice. I think there will be one trailer before the film opens.

Maybe it would be nice to see some more of the new characters. I like the clsssic cast as much as anyone but it is time I think for some new blood.  This is supposed to the start of  a new trilogy after all.

It is always nice to hear the John Williams score. Harrison Ford looks old, so maybe it is time to pass the torch to a new generation. I kind of wish Billy Dee Williams was going to be in the new movie. (Yeah, that sort of contradicts me saying the series needs new blood.)

Also that line “the Force is strong in my family” echoes Return of the Jedi. That is nice but that relies a lot on nostalgia. Nostalgia is nice but too much of it can be a bad thing.

Paul S. Kemp has a new Star Wars novel coming out

Paul S. Kemp has a new Star Wars novel coming out. It is called Lords of the Sith. The novel takes place before the original trilogy apparently and features Darth Vader.

I liked Kemp’s first Star Wars novel Deceived a lot. I have it on CD and have listened to it a few times. Maybe this new novel will be that good.

I hope Kemp will return to the Forgotten Realms again.  I liked his books in that universe.

I have Lords of the Sith on pre-order as an audiobook, I am looking forward to it. I do like Star Wars novels as audiobooks.

Movie thoughts 4-18-2015

Wow, the new Batman v. Superman trailer is no fun at all. Maybe the movie will be good though. Oh well, maybe fun will sneak into the other films in the franchise/shared universe. Do the movie guys talk to the TV guys?

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 is getting bad reviews (which is probably not a surprise after seeing the trailer). The bad reviews might be more fun than the movie. I know I have seen Paul Blart Mall Cop but I don’t see a need for a sequel, the character was not really memorable.

The new Star Wars trailer is out. It was good. Maybe this film will be good. One thing I didn’t get is the reference to Luke’s father. Isn’t his father dead?  It is nice to see Mark Hamill again as Luke, something a few years ago I never would have expected.

Movie thoughts 4-10-2015

A fifth Terminator, (Terminator Gensys), movie is coming out this summer. It has been six years since the last one. Are people still interested? I am not sure.

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 comes out next week. Maybe it will do well but the previews don’t make me anxious to see it. I think I will skip it. I like Kevin James but I still think he could make better movies.

The Expendables 3 bombed and was pretty bad, The movie was pirated before release and how much that influenced the movie’s box office might be hard to say. It didn’t help. Now the producers of the ABCs of Death say that piracy has pretty much killed the chances of another sequel.


I Hate Christian Laettner review

The latest ESPN 30 for 30 film/episode is I Hate Christian Laettner. Christian was a forward at Duke in the 1990s, including the back to back championship teams. Duke rose to basketball prominence in the 1980s but rose to greater successes during Laettner’s time there. Christian was a great college player and, according to some people, a borderline dirty player.

It is an interesting episode but not of the best of the series. I found it pretty interesting even as a casual college basketball fan.  Narration by Rob Lowe is good.  I am not sure what keeps this episode from being great.

I would have liked a bit more detail about his pro career .  As great of a college player as he was, Laettner bounced around a lot. Also a bit more about his experience on the Dream Team would have been nice.

Furious Seven

Okay, this was good. I liked part six a little better.

Jason Staham enters the franchise after his cameo in part six. He is Deckard Shaw, the brother of Owen Shaw (the villain from part six).  He is out for revenge.

That seems like a simple plot (perhaps too simple), so Dom and his crew get recruited by Kurt Russell to steal the eye of God, the ultimate surveliance program so they can find Shaw. Oddly Shaw seems to pop up wherever they go.

The plot is best used to provide an excuse for over the top fights and car stunts. Some of the stunts are pretty good and the fights are also pretty good. There could be a bit more humor.

Paul Walker’s Brian gets written out of the series because of the actor’sdeath. I thought that was well handled. He will be missed.

Tony Jaa was on hand to provide some menace. It was nice to see him, maybe this will give his career a boost.  (I think his career stalled a bit.)

Movie thoughts 3-31-2015

A lot of people went to see Get Hard. I guess people still like Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell and bad reviews didn’t discourage those people. Maybe if Ferrell and Hart re-team, their next movie will be better.

The new Fast and Furious movie opens this week. I wonder if it will be good. The reviews should be interesting. I remember when it seemed like this franchise was on the way out.

Alien Nation is being remade. I liked Alien Nation, the movie (not the TV series spin-off). I probably should re-watch it in a few months.

The Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie is supposed to come out next year. It has actually been made or in the process of being made. I wonder how the movie will do. It has been a long time since the book was published.