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Star Trek thoughts 9-17-2016

I haven’t watched a lot of Voyager or Enterprise. Maybe I should start watching one soon. Maybe Enterprise. Voyager gets a bad rap or so I’ve heard.

Or maybe I should dive into Deep Space Nine. I haven’t seen it in ages, maybe it is better than I remembered. I’ve read some experts who think it is the best of all the follow ups to the original series.

The next Star Trek series, Discovery, has been pushed back to May or June. (It was supposed to come out in January.) I hope it will be good. I don’t know if I want another prequel to the original Star Trek.

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Movie Thoughts 9-11-2016

I think I just don’t get Tina Fey. Sisters was playing on cable and I watched a little of it before losing interest. It is not painfully unfunny but it continues a trending of me not getting Tina Fey. I don’t think I enjoyed any of her movies.

Joe Manganelio will be Deathstroke in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie. He should be good. He’d also be a good Hercules in a Marvel movie. That probably was never going to happen.

There are rumors of Lionsgate wanting to do Hunger Games spin-offs. Maybe those rumors have died down recently. I am not sure if the spin-offs would be prequels or if franchise creator Suzane Collins would be involved.

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Tom Hanks and director Clint Eastwood team up to tell the real life story of a pilot who landed a plane on the Hudson River. If you hate to fly, this is not the film for you.

Hanks is good, as usual. I cannot think of the last bad film that he made. Aaron Eckhart co-star as the copilot. He is good too.

I liked the film. It is under two hours, which is nice. The scenes of the flight are intense. There are scenes of what could have happened if Sully tried to get the plane to an airport. The plot of the film involves the investigation into the flight.

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Movie Thoughts 9-10-2016

A Booster Gold movie is apparently in development. That is good. It might be in its own world. That could be good. It seems odd not tie Booster in with the rest of the DC universe films but if it works out, that will be nice.

I think I might see Sully. Tom Hanks is usually good and Clint Eastwood is a good director. Jersey Boys is perhaps Eastwood’s worst film in five or six years, and even that film is not terrible.

It is hard to get excited about a new Jason Statham movie. His movies are usually good but I am not sure if any are great. I think I can wait to see this movie, Mechanic Resurrction.

Hell or High Water is out and in my non-select movie city. I’ve heard some good things. I’ve heard Chris Pine is really good in this movie. I like Pine.

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Love and Friendship

This movie is based on a novella by Jane Austen named Lady Susan. This is the first time it has been filmed. This is also the first film from writer/director Whit Stillman that is based on an existing source.

Lady Susan is a widow living off the kindness of others, including her in-laws, as she tries to secure her future and her daughter’s. (At times it seems her future takes presidence over her daughter’s.)She has a scandalous reputation but Regnaild De Courtney becomes taken with her. His family becomes concerned.

Lady Susan’s daughter Friedericka is courted by a rich but dim nobleman. He is dim but not to an unbelievable extent and he is not awful. Friedericka doesn’t want to marry him.

(There is more to the plot but I don’t want give too many details.)

Kate Beckinsale is good as lady Susan. She is a cunning woman who manipulates men. She is not entirely unlikeable however. It is nice to see Beckinsdale out of the Underworld series. The rest of the cast, including several British actors unknown to me, is fine.

This is a good movie, not great. It is fun and diverting and moves at a good clip. It is a movie of dialogue and character. Apparently it is still allowable to make a movie under two hours.

I liked it.

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Inspector Lewis the last season

This was the last season of a Inspector Lewis, the spin-off from Inspector Morse. I liked the show and am sad to know that it ended. However I think it ended well.

Kevin Whately stared as DI Robbie Lewis, and Lawrence Fox stared as his assistant James Hathaway. Later Hathaway was promoted to DI and Lewis retired and came back as a consultant.

I enjoyed the show. I thought the lead actors were good and most of the cases were interesting.  It is set in Oxford and cases often involved academics.

The ghost of Morse doesn’t haunt the series. However if you didn’t like  Inspector Morse, you probably won’t like this series. The last three episodes were good.

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Super 8 re-watched

Super 8 is a movie by writer director JJ Abrams as a homage to Steven Speilberg. It is good and I think it holds up. It is from 2011.

Kyle Chandler stars as a sheriff’s deputy raising his son after his wife’s death. His son and his friends are making movies with a super-8 camera. (The movie is set in 1979.) One night they’re filming and there’s a train wreck.

Mysterious things happen. The Air Force is involved. The young boys try to continue with their movie but the situation in their town becomes a higher priority.

I think the movie is pretty good. The young actors are good and the movie feels like a bit like a darker ET. This movie might have been Elle Fanning’s big break. (She is really good in this movie.)